Thursday, March 23, 2006

Down D'Orsay Way

My belated Tuesday post--drawn Wednesday at the D'Orsay, a place that still feels more train station than art museum to me.

Came home from an all-crepe dinner to the sight of 40 Gendarmes in riot gear grouped in front of our building, shields up, batons out.

They let us enter our building unmolested.

P.S. What about Tom's "Cosmic Theatre?"


rickart said...

So, have you been hitting the Rodin Museum as well?

Love the D'Orsay... love it to death! You only hear about the Louve, but D'Orsay is where it's at!

Mr Goodson said...

Sweet Dry Brush Marty. You have a facillity that reminds me of another TAG member. Brent Anderson. Of course Brent was a professional comic book artist. You ought to dabble in the French Comic Book scene Marty. Wahtever that scene is.

Skribbl said...

Rad etchings! Someday I'll visit gay ParEEEE! *sigh*

Does anybody have Brent's e-mail address?? Maybe we can get him or even Joe Chiodo to come over???

Mr Goodson said...

He sells his originals from this site

Dok said...

Gawd Marty, I'm running out of superlatives! The weight, the light and the graceful and yet very strong line quality... just a joy to see!