Friday, January 30, 2015

Color theft

From now on when I want to steal a color script, I'll do frame grabs from

Watched Box Trolls and Frozen the past few days.
Box Trolls more to my liking.
But I predict since 2 pincesss made twice the money of any other Disney animation, someone has pitched a 3 princess movie.

Death Rattle 1- Kitchen Sink-1972- Tim Boxell stories

I bought Death Rattle #1 when it came out in the early 70s.
It had great art from Richard Corben and John Pound. But that wasn't what really stuck with me about this comic book.

What I remember were the stories told by Tim Boxell.
The examples above show how the art is just a whisker above amateur and crude.
But it has impact. It's effective.
First the story Defiled. It can be found in another place on the web- discussing its importance to the Alien chest burst scene. 
I scanned it and include it here so that all his work from this issue can be found in one place.

But the real reason I tracked this issue down (Amazon-used) was to re read this story
Because it succeeded, with me anyway, at being memorably sick.

I plan to make a hybrid live action-motion comic out of it and use local actors.
Tim Boxell is now a professional film maker. He could do it.
I'll do the Youtube- 100 hits, version.

Tumblr has exiled me

Tumblr has finally said "forget it loser" with my outmoded browser.
Stuff like this that would have made it to Tumblr. Now I can no longer waste their bandwidth.
I'm motivated to make a few extra bucks. Probably buy a refurbished imac.
What really hurts is I can't reblog on tumblr. I always liked being an agent of propagation for friends art and promotions.
"Liking' has been broke for some time

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hag commission- Pencil step- onto painting

Light tabled the rough.
I'll show the 'painting' in this same thread tomorrow.
 I listened, watched Big Eyes and Birdman while I did the color. So you're looking at about 4 hours of work.
I always disappoint myself with color.
I sent them a PSD with layers. If they edit it it wouldn't hurt my feelings.
 Rick here:  Ellis suggested that I do a paint over to show how I would handing adding some pink lighting.  The pink layer is set for "Overlay".  I put some pink lighting on her upper half + inside the pot and added some deeper shadows (multiply layer) in the surrounding areas.  The pink might be a bit too hot now, I'm guessing.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Finish Page

It was a fun project and I hope to work with the guy again. He PRE paid for everything I did.
Hey It's a minute until Tuesday. What timing. Now, onto the Hag, I have a Feb 1 deadline on that.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Got to ink it now.

Another commision.
Maybe a little flat yet.
I'll move stuff here and there, scale it. Then ink it. In photoshop.

I like the method I have arrived at.
I do all pencils on index cards,
small, blow them up and arrange like Tom Moon has explained he works.
Then ink that.
Still a little sloppy but the looseness is something I may actually hope to get LOOSER with.
I hope to finish this tomorrow.
Have to do that Hag before the 1st.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rough-another commission- RPG company

Iron out the contract stuff, get a couple of more details , and I'll do this up as a finish.
I'm smoking on the commissions lately. All through Facebook and tips from friends on Facebook.

Just watched C America- Winter Soldier online.
Yeah, it was OK.
Loved the Stan Lee cameo.
Always the best part.
Stay to the bitter end of Big Hero 6 too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last night life drawing at OCU

One hour sketch.
The other 40 minute sketch never gelled.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another Slots Loading Screen

Here's another slots game loading screen that we made is the last few working weeks of 2014.  There will be more of these that I will share in the future... stay tuned.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Commission WIP

Commission from Facebook.
Cover comp. If he likes it, I'll digitally 'ink' it tomorrow.
His drawn notes are on the one above.
Reacting to my first two comp notions (below) of just the hero.
It's hard to convince people that less is more when it's their vision and their vision is packed with detail.
Final layout. Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow.
 Got the hard part.
 Looks like an old dell comic doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Peter Cushing- Action hero

This came about from an earlier tumblr post that was itself inspired by watching Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.  Cushing has a scene where the monster is rampaging, he whips his jacket off, wraps a bottle of ether in it, smashes the jacket against the stone wall, bounds to the top of a table and leaps onto David Prowse's back, smothering him with the jacket.
I checked his age at the time. 61.
The Tumblr post answer is, no, Cushing didn't run down the length of the table and rip the cutains off. It was his double.
But the point was the energy amperage that Cushing threw into stuff like leaping across tables, turning over in chairs (Dr Syn)
Diving and skewering Mummies with wall displayed spears.
You always believed he could do everything you saw. Very heroic.
I did a couple of thumbnails of Cushing spearing the Mummy and then looked up reference. You can see how much energy I wanted to put into the scene vs how much exists in the stills. That's the effect of Cushing throwing himself into the scenes.

B9 and Robby creator dies - 100 years old

I didn't know it was the same guy. Makes sense.
RIP production designer Robert Kinoshita (February 24, 1914 - December 9, 2014) who designed two of the most iconic robots for film and television - Robby and B-9.

JMG added: Here's a Robby Flashback. I forgot all about this.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Index Card Drawings

I've been working on a series of little index card drawings that I can sell at ECCC.  I'm up to 16 now.  I suppose I should scan them before the event.  The idea is to have a little thing that people can buy at a low price point... so I'm probably going to sell them for $5 each.  I've been using Copic markers on these.  Man, I love those things!  Marty, is that what you use for your color drawings?

Friday, January 09, 2015

Avis newsletter doodle

We're going to switch to newer 12 passanger vans. No one likes the design. The height is very challenging to get in and out.
So I extrapolated what the next gen would look like.
Jokes are always great when you explain them.