Friday, January 30, 2015

Death Rattle 1- Kitchen Sink-1972- Tim Boxell stories

I bought Death Rattle #1 when it came out in the early 70s.
It had great art from Richard Corben and John Pound. But that wasn't what really stuck with me about this comic book.

What I remember were the stories told by Tim Boxell.
The examples above show how the art is just a whisker above amateur and crude.
But it has impact. It's effective.
First the story Defiled. It can be found in another place on the web- discussing its importance to the Alien chest burst scene. 
I scanned it and include it here so that all his work from this issue can be found in one place.

But the real reason I tracked this issue down (Amazon-used) was to re read this story
Because it succeeded, with me anyway, at being memorably sick.

I plan to make a hybrid live action-motion comic out of it and use local actors.
Tim Boxell is now a professional film maker. He could do it.
I'll do the Youtube- 100 hits, version.

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