Thursday, June 30, 2016

Smudge Brush - settings work for me

The original faun is on the left. The faun on the right is playing with some smudges, blending the smudging in with masked layering.
Not meant to show improvement, just to show the painterly edits the brush easily pulls off.
Got from this youtube tutorial.
All you need is the screen grab to duplicate the info in the video.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sooner Con - Sticky Doodle Sketchbook for sale at Sooner Con- June 24-2016

Filled with---  see for yourself

About 90 percent of the work in the new sketchbook has been done in the past 3 years. 
The time since I returned to Oklahoma.
I hope the next 3 years are just as creative. 
I'm looking forward to the reaction at Sooner Con.
The pagination works out great for adding an original sketch in the rear of the book.
I'll only have 20 to sell. We'll see if I can clear them out.
I will also be set up for sketch commissions.
My compilation of past work, Retro Ellis will also be available
Collecting most of my past comic storytelling. 
20 copies again. Same deal of an original sketch in each copy sold.