Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sabre Man

I like the mass of the guy.
Straight pen to paper.

I've done something like it before

Kinda Anime

Pigeon Toed Robot

Couple of ugly items. I may explore a pigeon toed half track with greater aesthetic attention some other time.

Couple of Guys attracted to power

Specter and Massa. The massa I purposely changed his head shape just to see what would happen with fairly accurate feature notes and a pushed head shape. A Stephen Silver exercise.

Donut Bot

Random. Might make a good plush toy.


Copying Wendling again.
I copy her female Lions and then put manes on them.
I think I invented the one on the bottom.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Drink and Draw- First Time

Drank and Drew @ Casey's Bar and Grill last night. 
Lot of fun. 
I will be doing it again

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Index- Sean Penn

Very detail shy. The lips could take more study. It's the honker that you can cheat a likeness with. You look at the nosse and you think "Sean Penn."

Index-Odd Man Out-Priest

Priest character from the movie Odd Man Out. Beautiful movie that I have mentally stored to go back and study for stagecraft and lighting. Carol Reed

A Daley, maybe

The new Daley. The shot went by pretty quick so this is practically a memory sketch. Combined with the idea of forcing the shadow down the middle of the face

Index-Dick Army

Dick Army appearing on Charlie Rose

Index-Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn sketch done on a day he was supposed to have been captured. He's gaining weight on the Goat Cheese.
I really need to edit these some more when I have them in photoshop. Making a liquify brush the size of his nose and pushing the whole thing to the right would make it so much easier to look at.