Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who'll Stop The Rain Frame Grabs

Frame grabs from a part of Who'll Stop The Rain.
I was fascinated with the idea there might have been a time (1969 or 1970) when a person could go up a Canyon road around Malibu and soon arrive at hippie quonset huts.
The film is 1978 but is portraying the Viet Nam era.

Jeff going Away

Going away party. Jeff going to Austin. Too expensive and job scarce in CA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Profiles from Route 66

Quick ref of male profiles. Mainly noting how much more room there is from the nose to the ear than most artists draw when drawing without reference. A brain has to fit in the skull but people shorten and compact the roominess needed for the back of the skull.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

KIPLING Paperbacks- 1920s

Detail of Paper Quality-

Soldiers Three
The Jungle Book

A Diversity Of Creatures
Barrack Room Ballads
The Years Between

Lifes Handicap
Plain Tales From The Hills
The Days Work

Departmental Ditties
The Five Nations

Captains Courageous
Actions And Reactions
The Light That Failed

These three are in the worst condition...

Group Shot

Tat Idea

Sophie just happened to have a mole lined up with that left side eye. Do tat artists puncture moles? Uck.

I added one of my own cartoons as a tattoo idea so I'm not mocking Krayonzilla.