Sunday, September 13, 2009

Disgraced TAG Member Asks For Traffic

Beautiful TAG people, I am trying to reclaim my blogging chops. My immediate motivation is raising money for the LIVESTRONG Challenge in memory of my old friend Paul. My purpose here is not to shake anyone down for donations, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE WELCOME, my purpose is just to let you know I am back posting on Brush Pen Breakfast. I'm pulling out as many stops as I can to make the blog a fun narrative of my training (which is fascinating), with lots of funny drawings. So I promise a higher entertainment quotient than normal. Also more consistency.

And if you head over today, you can read all about the "Ballad of Cougar Ridge," (again, fascinating).


MrGoodson2 said...

Awesome memory sketch Marty. Evryone should check it out. Click on it for the big detailed item. Amazing a person can go straight to paper with ink this way and get such finishes.

Tom Moon said...

Just back from vacation today, Wednesday. Good to be greeted with good news upon return. I look forward to visiting Brush Pen Breakfast regularly again!