Thursday, November 26, 2015

I shrank a Frazetta helmeted head

Prompted by a discussion of proportion in this Frazetta painting.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Paint Me Waggin'

OK- that serrated page thing- to the right of the film clapboard. That's called a jump break. That's how I created "glitchiness"

You might use this delayed gratification on seeing a visual to do a joke or something.
You learn something new rarely. Definitely not every day.

Frazetta sketch for Paint Your Wagon poster idea.
From the twitter acct- Lost Drawings

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Doodles from recent-New- Joined Together thumbnails

I was watching a very bad pirate copy of Spectre when I did a couple of these. Can't wait to rent a proper copy of the movie on DVD.
Added- My recent Joined Together thumbnails. Deleted- notes about some blogspot glitchiness.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today's Zoo Field trip Handout

Put together some handouts to help the young'ns with "process." After our last Zoo trip, I noticed most everybody took about the same amount of time on all their drawings. I asked them to try more variation, starting with quicksketches and eventually adding in a few renders.

Making those “process” sequences: 10 seconds on the sketch, then rush to the scanner–-5 minutes to scan, then pull the paper out, make three more lines, and scan it again….

I’m trying to force myself to show the students unpolished work, unexceptional work (all my own, of course). Easier to see the process when the drawing is missing real magic.

But these are kinda fun.
Posted for Ellis & Tom (doubt anyone else will be interested much): Here's the list of drawing requirements for the day. The Zoo opens at 10 AM, closes at 5. We worked all day, but only a few people managed to fulfill their full quota. Guess I'm the kinda Doctor who likes to over-prescribe.

Amazing Con Doodle-11 by 17

My table mate said that if my doodles filled a full 11 by 17 page, the result would be great. Good way to spend the day on a slow day. But not great. Just more doodles.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Roof Urchin- WIP

Google images sure speeds things up.
I couldn't get an expression I like. 
Searched 'kids yelling' didn't like those. 
Searched "happy kids yelling" 
Then I got something.
I got in a 'keep it simple stupid' mode that I think improved things.
Now color.
I may have to break a couple of things to fix some perspective issues.
Color. Now I can goof off at Amazing Con without worrying about something I should be doing.

Pushed the background back a bit and added textures depending on fore, mid, back- ground.
I'm on my way to Amazing Con. Just helping a guy hold down his table.
Do you have any questions for Rob Liefeld? I'll be hanging out with him.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Recent Doodle From My Sketchbook

I'm posting this because I'm fascinated by how differently all of us sketch and doodle when trying to come up with ideas. How different all of our thought processes are.  I find I have to fill sketchbook after sketchbook with these stream of consciousness pages day after day in order to eventually move onto a finished drawing.  And I don't know why, really.  Why can't I just go directly to the finished piece?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Golden Age Daydream for Tom Moon

I was doodling and somehow this scene came seemed like something that would make Tom Moon laugh. Therefore, I had to finish it.

My perspective is still so shaky...

A Golden Age tribute. It should be a cover (obviously!), and I'd imagined a typical DC blurb attached, something like, "Super Jimmy GOES INSANE?!?"

Tom Moon, you should color this for the benefit of our TAG family.

Bat Bolt

It works in preview

Monday, November 16, 2015

Goofin' with GIF's

A demo I did for the benefit of my animal drawing students. The assignment is a motion study, and is not intended as an animation--just a series of drawings made from video reference of the student's choice. I found some sketchy footage of a gerenuk bounding for my source material.

I just sketched 'em out without doing the animation-y thing of making flippable drawings....just winged it. It has lots of glitches, but given my rustiness, I was relieved it looked even this good!

Sorry about missing last week...I'll do better in future!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bopping along

No ones paying attention to how much I claim I'll be getting done are they?
I'm not obviously. Sometimes it flows easy. Had some trouble with that third pose.

Monday, November 09, 2015

This again!

This is the catalog of the Kirby exhibit that was at Cal State Northridge. I wrote too much about it on the Facebook TAG blog. It is a great book with some interesting essays. They call the Fourth World on period Kirby's Apocalypse period as he moved away from hero centric stories to whole worlds facing their moral comeuppance.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Another "Tales Of The Cork!" Lil' Okie Ellis page...

Way too slow.
There's another panel that goes in front of this (it's the end of the previous page) but I haven't quite got the lettering done...and so it goes.


More freelance.
They have 120 credit for that much overpayment.
Lucky for me the overpayment occurred when it did.
Coasting into Soc Security payments made easier.
15 days away.
On to color
color done

Marty exploration of layering more neutrals in BKG:
Tone down purple by adding a layer (set on OVERLAY) of yellowish gray...
...knock back BKG with a layer (set on MULTIPLY--thank you, Tom Moon) of darker blue'ish slate gray (halved the transparency to keep it from getting too dark)
Does this look any better?