Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Recent Doodle From My Sketchbook

I'm posting this because I'm fascinated by how differently all of us sketch and doodle when trying to come up with ideas. How different all of our thought processes are.  I find I have to fill sketchbook after sketchbook with these stream of consciousness pages day after day in order to eventually move onto a finished drawing.  And I don't know why, really.  Why can't I just go directly to the finished piece?


Davis Chino said...


(sorry, I had to make a run to the store and various other errands)

This is so incredible. Such a charming finished work all on its own. Be great to see a "Tom Moon's Sketchbook" published along with your great books!!

Love the variation and word + image interplay. The snails are great. The art materials lovely. And GOOD LORD, if the calligraphy on this page is anything to go by, it is an even bigger sin* that you aren't hand-lettering your comics. I mean SERIOUSLY.

So glad you shared this!! It's amazing!

* "sin" being an offense to both God and man, which is exactly what you're doing by using a computer to do your lettering when you possess such fine graphic skills.

MrGoodson2 said...

There shall be no white space left.

Great little mashing together of observations and doodles. "Whimsy. " Robin Williams in Toys.

I also had a big monster bottle of Pelican ink I took every where for about 20 years! For me that was a lot of moves here and there. Mine went bad. I felt like such a dope. I wondered, how long has this stuff been bad?

I did one more thumbnail for Joined together. I'll try and do enough to make a post of them tomorrow.

Got another freelance gig with no fantasy to really portray. Job is an urchin , young kid (12) on a snowy roof, shouting to someone unseen below. Should be fun.

What I plan to do for myself is make up a big bunch on Ben Caldwell art into a 6 by 9 lulu ready PDF. And scrapbook that just for myself. You guys can order one if you want it. I obviously can't make money on it.

Davis Chino said...

The wonderful whimsy of this illustration deserves more comments. So I'm leaving another one.

I luff ink!

Davis Chino said...


Elliz, I love your idea of another book. I think there is a whole market for urchin art that remains unexploited...esp'ly Goodson's urchins!

BDMontag said...

These are sketches?!