Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bopping along

No ones paying attention to how much I claim I'll be getting done are they?
I'm not obviously. Sometimes it flows easy. Had some trouble with that third pose.


Tom Moon said...

Paying attention to how much you get done? Not me, as long as the progress is slow and steady I'm just happy you are doing it. Of course I'm the guy that basically posts once a year!

Davis Chino said...

ELZ! Not paying attention?!? We await each post with bated breath!

Seriously--this stuff is so dang good! I just wrote a long comment on the last post.

It's great. Not paying attention? I was offering to publish a TAG book just so you'd finish!!


MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Tom. Starting is the tough part. I think I'll do a start now. I said I was going to ignore collaborative stuff. I've got two things brewing besides the regular RPG things I've been doing. Looking forward to one deal. Ghost stories (usually) very short that were done by Jeff Provine. A guy I've worked with before. They are fun little micro stories. I would do a small illustration for each. More of a young adult illustrated book. The other thing, we have a local guy that has as a business model, funding comics with Kickstarter. He wants to write something I illustrate. 50/50 on the kickstarter take. I'll do that and see how it goes.

MrGoodson2 said...

Oh hey Marty. You scooted under my reply to Tom. I'll read that comment now.

Davis Chino said...

This is the last page, right?? The idea that the dummy mauls him (to death) in the back of the truck?

I not as crazy about the big jump-out face kicking off this page in frame one. The subtle sinister way you put the dummy into the truck bed with that offscreen voice on the last page was so effective to me... I almost want a longer shot of the dummy here...maybe just sitting in the corner of the truck bed might be creepier...?

Don't get me wrong--it's a great weird drawing you've made for frame one here. But it confuses me about what's going on....

Now I see..the idea is that the dummy is back on his hand? Even in frame one? I didn't get that at first--thought he was attacking the guy and his odd body direction was from the struggle...hmmm.

Maybe that first creepy visual reappearance could be a wider shot of the guy sitting up in the rig looking for the voice, but WE see the dummy is back on his hand, just a fraction of an instant before he sees it? Frame two can be the reaction just like you have it here...?

For me I'm having a hard time visually reading the dummy reappearing on his hand...doesn't mean it isn't working for everyone else! As always, take my comments with a grain of (supersized) salt!

Love that you're doing this.

MrGoodson2 said...

No, not the last page. He gets chased out back of the diner and burns the dummy up as it climbs a cliff wall with him attached , his arm becoming wood and bonded forever. He sets Max on fire, causes a large fire, is found in the smoking ruin of wilderness as a wooden cinder. Good Lord (choke)

Davis Chino said...

Love it! Sounds great...esp'ly the "Good Lord (choke)!"

It's looking great!