Friday, October 31, 2014

The Ventriloquist Script - Joined Together

Written in about 5 hours. It changed a bit as I wrote. 
Marty will appreciate that I've reintroduced Uncle Goggle.
It's rough, but it will do. It has the shots broken down. 
May add one or two. 
It will be storyboard style- all the same size frame.

  I'll publish it to this site when I've done the art.
Please. Give notes. I'll probably use them.

Happy Halloween

some new stuff

 Late night musings

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Help With a New Website

You can find my working version HERE. Our pal Carlo has agreed to help me customize something for global interweb consumption. Gird y'rselves!

So, why a website? List of objectives, from most important to least:

1. Showcase the comic book(s) I have created (so far that means FUME).
2. Showcase any other books or prints I have for sale (sketchbooks, e-books, etc.).
3. Showcase my illustration work.
4. Something that's a blog/news/image fomentor along the lines of what we do here, or on Tumblr (probably just a link to here, with a little window showing what's on tap?).
5. ...?

I do want my art profile to contain this notion of "brushpen," not as the primary aspect, but a big part nonetheless. It does show up on the site--in the gallery of my sketchbook's labeled "BRUSHPEN" (duh!). They've got those fun little labels that levitate up from the lower edge of each image when your mouse passes over them...ah, technology!

Here's what I'm starting with, but it's flat as Kelsey's nuts so far:

But I love those sites that have a cascade of different sized blocks, each block either an image (often cropped, always cool), or some easy to read blocky text ("SHOP," "BIO," "CHIVALRY," etc.). Maybe something like this example:
Here's his site in action, with the GIF's running (something I'd love to have on mine).

So, what would you like to see?

p.s. I am doing the site thru Squarespace, which has been pretty easy so far. Best of all, it includes an online shop. Once I get it up and running, I'll sit back and watch the money roll in...(*WINK*).

Nice mix of hand-drawn and CG animation

Potential Ear-Ache Warning: Hard-rocking' metal ahead, but I think it's worth posting as it's done extremely well by some very talented folks. And it's pretty entertaining, in my opinion.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'd happily do the comic book version

Introduction to King Kong. The novelization that came out at the time of the movie release.
Good stuff. I could do Skull Island pre-quel ideas all day long.

Three Stooges Comic Books

Wandering the local library a few weeks ago, I happened upon an old book about The Three Stooges, and one of the chapters detailed the history of a series of Three Stooges comic books (and spinoffs). I loved the art, which evolved from a kind of classic forties funny-book style, to something approaching Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning design cleanliness. And turns out they were all designed and drawn by one guy, Norman Maurer. Sadly, only the first couple issues featured Curly. Then it was Shemp (whom Maurer caricatured marvelously).

The spin-off of the junior version, "The L'il Stooges." That Hanna Barbera look--so clean. Who wouldn't want to read his??
(OK, probably not a lot of people....)

They've recently been collected in a  few "Best of" volumes. Click HERE for a look at vol. 3, including a complete story ("The Fluke Spook"). Love the panel at the bottom of this page, and the design of the "spook."
Interestingly, this guy Norman Maurer was a childhood pal of Joe Kubert (who facilitated the original Stooges comic book deal with St. John's, and became a partner in it). Maurer was already a successful comic book artist when he started on this project, but then he went on to marry Moe's daughter (!) and eventually to write, produce and direct a few Stooges feature films.

PROOF that comic book art is a gateway to celebrity.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monsters and Dames WIP

Here's my digital sketch for my M&D entry.  It's pretty rough... I'm actually a bit further along on this but this is the best way to see the whole image.  I'm hoping to make it very decorative with just a ridiculous amount of detail.

Horror Script- Accidental discovery of Frankensteinb in Tag archive.

Here's my horror "script" that I'll be doing webcomic style.
5 sentemces on an index card
Ventriloquist begins to become Siamese twins.
Absorbed- goes mad
Gets an accidental respite
Manages to kill himself
Never was being absorbed. 

 Did this Frankenstein to satisfy my late TAG drawing requirements.

Two for Tuesday

Late night sketch

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monsters and Dames Ideas

I've been noodling with a comedic concept...Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein on their wedding night.

She's phoning the Doktor, of course. I think maybe this composition would be best:
Other idea was slightly scarier, slightly darker: Monster rebels against Herr Doktor!
 Please share yr suggestions/comments/criticisms!

Random Roughs

Scribbling with a Sharpie

No Michael B. Jordan or Ben Afleck, but...


JMG: I was sold on this

Look at Rick make a fool of himself...

Click this Link This is a little thing I wrote for the Gamasutra blog about being an AD and general advice to artists who want to get into games.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Most of the shots went wild

Enjoyed OAFcon. 
Met Bart Bush as I went in. 
Shook hands with him and said "Jim Gorham says hi. Remember him?"
He replied with a long sigh.

Made some money. 
Sold the biggest amount to a guy that has commissioned me in the past.
I did a lot of index card sketching. 
Sold a few of them for a buck.
Here are the links to the ones I brought home and scanned.
 Friend from the OCC group has prints. 
He needed a Blackwing pencil. 
I took a print in trade.

Off to my one day of Oafcon

All packed up and ready to rock.
Everyone that knows Bart, I'll tell him that you love him.
More sketches like the Tardis.
Probably got the best reaction of anything I drew at the Superhero Day con.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Some Gellyroll Scribbles

Took a Sharpie and started playing around. Out of 4 Gellyroll whites I had, only got one to work

Age of Ultron

Slide show of images from the trailer

This is slide 34. This is Ultron right out of my Avengers Treasury Edition. The last slide is an evolved Ultron. Looks like they are getting this right.
Andy Serkis appears to be Ulysses Klaw. Since Marvel does not have the rights to adamantium, Ultron must be made of vibranium, hence Klaw, hence more Marvel goodness.

Still no pics from Fantastic Four which has been in post production since June. There must be a reason they don't want anyone to see the Thing. If Fox does a bad enough job, to protect the property, Marvel could get the Fantastic Four back.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2 day delivery on Sakura Gelly Roll White Ballpoint Pens

From Amazon it was 2 days.
They are pretty cool. Ball point. Flows well. Is nicely opaque.
 Goofed a ballpoint pen doodle into something I could effect with the Gelly Roll pen.
Couldn't stop. Had to give him luminescent circuitry tats.
 More of same. All my inktober output has included the gelly roll pen.
Thet can't be used over somethuing like cartoon color. That picks up.
The pen gets messed up also if you use it on saturated marker inks. Still wet.
Mainly a tool you'll use with marker, brush pen, inks.

The Inhumanity!

PLEASE don't post this on the Tumblr! Hasn't reached it's commissioner yet, and I'd like to surprise him.

Done as a trade with another artist. Wait'll you see what I got in return....
It's too dang busy, but I like Medusa's pose--and who doesn't love Lockjaw? These are faux Kirby poses (obviously!). Executed mostly with a real genuine Windsor Newton Series 7 brush (size #3 and seriously frizzing). Used my black and sepia ink. Combined with the orange pencil it gives a kinda cool old-timey look, don't you think? Y'know... fer when The Inhumans were steampunks?

p.s. I still love the Inhumans.
p.p.s. Look closely at Lockjaw...doesn't he remind you a bit of...Avery Schreiber??
JMG added: Speaking of Kirby claustrophobia. Only he could pull off stuff like this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SD Comic Fest 2014 Roundup

SD Fest continues to improve. I don't know what our dear friend Benjamin Franklin Montag IV is on about saying I didn't want to be in attendance...(wink of love). Missed all the absent T.A.G.'sters (Jimmy, Ellis, Ranjo, Tom Moon, Tom Carrol, Dok...I could go on...), but I had a great time.

Better crowd this year and more sales, so that was good. I missed Friday (oops), but the two days of Sat & Sun really were enough for me. Sold some books, got a bunch of people to sign up for the email list. Also managed to NOT piss off my neighbor to the right, the renowned Eric Shannower (for some reason I live in fear of provoking Eric's wrath). My neighbor (and tablemate) to the left was Scott Benefiel, who managed each day to remain away just long enough to make me think he either wasn't going to show up at all, or, barring that, would at least remain AWOL for the next fifteen minutes, so why don't I stretch my arms out a little from remaining ridiculously cramped on my half of the table and go ahead and spread out my pad and finish that drawing commission before he arrives--whoops, here he is!

Never failed.

Here's some of the funner sketches from the weekend, beginning with a very specific commission for a mermaid who's taken on a two-legged, human form and got a job as a high school principal where she one day reverts back to tail and flipper in front of a get the picture. The guy brought some pix of the actress he wanted her to look like. Just to make it look fancy and forestall any complaints I added some felt-tipped tone. He was happy with the results.

The scene took place in an Australia high school, so I put in photos of Darwin and Capt. Cook.

Alan said his all-time favorite rock n' roller was Keith Emmerson, pianist of prog-rockers Emmerson, Lake & Palmer...he laughed hard at this one:

THe afrementioned Eric Shannower honored yrs truly by purchasing a copy of "FUME." When I asked if he'd like a portrait of himself with his favorite musician, he asked if I knew Victor Herbert...


He was an early 20th Century composer of operettas and Broadway musicals (you might know his Babes in Toyland). Eric gave me pic and I went to town...(the close-up is corrected--I really didn't do Eric justice in my late-afternoon sugar-crashed state):

Also a quickie for Joel, a super-nice comic book artist from Las Vegas--he had a table across from us...and the last one if for the man who commissioned the Mermaid!

 He doesn't look too happy about it, does he...?

Overall a nice time. Always great to see some of the San Diego notables like Beata (who did so much to make Artists Alley happen--thank you, dear lady), her bro Peter (and even their mom!), Johnny and Emily, Ben and his daughter, and Eddy Duran (sadly no Jim Busike or Tom Carroll).

My ears are still ringing from the din in that room, tho' word on the street is that portion of the Town & Country Hotel/Convention Center will be going under the wrecking ball in the new year...dunno where we'll be doing this come October 2015, but I hope the rest of the T.A.G. gang will be present!

Done Tuesday- Scanned Wednesday

I'll pop this below Marty's big post when I get back from a NEW gov contractor job interview this morning.

Scare Yourself

It's like the mint on the pillow.
The only scary moment in the Cusack movie (Room) 1408.
Almost this scary.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Sketch in Progress


Chatting with friends in artists alley

Did this doodle on my notepad on my fourth-to-last-day of work today. Some day I'll make an hilarious drawing of my interacting with my artist pals.


Color Blind map reader

Going to use a new route to Norman Ok this coming weekend for Oafcon.
Dodge the 35.
It adds 4 miles to the trip but i bet it is equal travel time.

This color map is to demonstrate my color blindness.
I'd think Pauls Valley had people bleeding in the street from gunshot wounds if I didn't have a color picker in preview mode.
It's only logical that it goes green, yellow, orange, red. But that orange and green might as well be the same color to me. In a squinty, sweat beads forming on my brow, bit of concentration, maybe I could tell the difference.
Desaturation= very close in value.
I have less problem reading brick reds.