Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sandwich Artist!

I have a job alert program with the key word "artist" entered. It automatically e-mails me whenever it finds something it thinks I might be interested in. It just sent me a listing for Subway "Sandwich Artist", which is what I guess they call the guys behind the counter assembling your Italian footlong.  I wonder how much artistic license they would allow me in creating culinary masterpieces. The world must be trying to tell me something.


JMG said...

Tom, I've been seeing those for the last two years. It's abominable to see how the word "Artist" is so flippantly use in these job search engines. Makes my stomach turn. Artist this and Artist that but not a REAL Artist. Love Ms. Robot by the way.

MrGoodson2 said...

Great Robot. So she is one piecem always posed that way. Or did you modify a drawing, cut a foot, rotate it, etc to make it into a pose?

I've been a bit blocked lately. I think my back to back failures on Kirby copies glummed me out on art for the moment.

Those sort of sandwich artist jobs are there. But they are all about dealing with the public. 90 percent of "bad" jobs will be dealing with the public. I'd clean sewers before inter acting with the public.

Tom Moon said...

In this case Ms. Robot is one piece. But I've often thought about trying some simple Monty Python style animation by cutting drawings into pieces.

I agree Ellis, because of my own social anxiety, I hate the thought of having a job interacting with the public. The thing is, I have had those type of jobs before, and while it's happening, it's never as bad as you pictured it would be. And secondly, you always come away with funny stories to tell about the strange people you meet. Grist for the mill.

MrGoodson2 said...

I was about 50 50 on the home depot job of good interaction. I interact well with all my co workers in the shuttle business.
I did this for inktober since I posted that last comment. Kirby-like

Davis Chino said...

Tom and Ellis, yr comments about dealing with the public are most revealing!

Elz, sorry to hear you're blocked. The thing with Kirby is, it's probably too tempting to copy the style as opposed to the substance. He draws more solidly than people give him credit. It's very subtle what he does--even if the final effect is BOLD!

A job notification system. I should get on one of those!