Friday, October 24, 2014

Age of Ultron

Slide show of images from the trailer

This is slide 34. This is Ultron right out of my Avengers Treasury Edition. The last slide is an evolved Ultron. Looks like they are getting this right.
Andy Serkis appears to be Ulysses Klaw. Since Marvel does not have the rights to adamantium, Ultron must be made of vibranium, hence Klaw, hence more Marvel goodness.

Still no pics from Fantastic Four which has been in post production since June. There must be a reason they don't want anyone to see the Thing. If Fox does a bad enough job, to protect the property, Marvel could get the Fantastic Four back.


MrGoodson2 said...

I knew nothing about Ultron until I read the marvel wiki. HUGE back story.
I guess we'll see Ant Man since he caused all the trouble.

But I can see why Scott Benefiel runs and screams so he can't hear anything when it's trailer time. That trailer gave away a ton of what otherwise would have been surprises. "Yay- Scarlett Johansson's motorcycle scene!"

JMG said...

No, in the Movieverse....It's all Stark's doing.

BDMontag said...

Nope. Everything I read on this movie says Hank Pym will have nothing to do with Ultron. It's all Tony Stark. Ant Man is Phase 3 Marvel, Avengers A of U is the end of Phase 2. But it would be super cool if they were lying to us and Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) is in this movie.

MrGoodson2 said...

I've been drawing Ultron for a long time and didn't know it

Davis Chino said...

Ben, love yr post. Those seminal issues of the Avengers that covered the first (?) Ultron appearance from '68 (# 53-58'ish?) with the Buscema art, are so good...the era when Black Panther first joined. A chunk o' these stories were republished in the middle 70's in that gorgeous oversized "Treasury" format, and I was enraptured. And later I was a reader when they did the great story arc of Ultron reappearing to brainwash Hank Pym to help transfer Janet Pym's mind to Ultron's newly-built "bride" Jocasta (the Frankenstein and Oedipus shout-outs were so "deep" to my pre-teen mind).

I skimmed the recent bound version of "The Age of Ultron" which my teenage brother-in-law requested for Xmas. Like everything these days, it was very darkpocolyptic, even to the point of turning the kid off (oops!)(I recovered from this faux pas by getting him the latest hardbacks of the new Hawkeye comics). We all love the stories we grew up glad WE grew up with good stories!