Thursday, January 26, 2017


NDA so these crappy thumbnails are all you get for about a month.
When they publish and tease it, I get to show it off.
Cool project from the EnWorld people.
An RPG book cover.
6 times the usual money.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Comic Fest Guy and Fest Lad!

I spent a few nights on this promotional piece for the Comic Fest. The idea was to take the cover of Captain America 193 and turn Cap into Comic Fest guy, a mascot designed five years ago by Scott Shaw! I wanted to use CA 197 where Cap was alone, yelling to no one, with missiles flying between his legs, but the powers that be liked this composition with the shield rounding through the knee up through the Falcon, leg, and fist. When Mike Towry saw an image issue 193 on my phone he didn't even think it was Kirby because of the strong Romita inks. I found online a xerox of a stat of the pencils and inked them in Illustrator working with 5 different line profiles. The penciled head was kind of undramatic so I picked up the head from issue 200's pencils that I found. I put the crowd in silhouette to save time and because Scot Shaw! had silhouetted characters on his logo (see Colors had to be changed since the characters are dressed in gold and red instead of blue and white. I have no ideas what do put on the shield and was flummoxed by the Kirby crackle. Romita drew flames and smoke. I gave the shield some volume to evoke a bit of Guardian. I found fonts "American Purpose" and "FantastiFont". This is out for comments. It may be this year's T-shirt.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Injury hurts my mood to draw

It's even worse looking today. But is starting to feel almost normal.

I tore my hamstring a bit. 
And it really hurt. 
Also hurt my ability to concentrate on my enworld stuff.
It's getting better.
I was doing living room karate, super low speed, just sticking sidekicks out at yoga speed.
Still ripped it doing a slow step through side kick.


But the show must go on.
If someone would flat this for me I'd practically be done.
Cleaned it up a bit.

PNG format. Looking forward to the attic girl detective piece.
color on Sunday.
another struggle.
I sent in a revision I liked better. Told them to use the one they liked best.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Friday, January 06, 2017

Monday, January 02, 2017

Kirby Hands

Ben Montag saw my FB post about this Tumblr and did a paragraph of essay about Kirby hands. Which I will C&P here...
"(Warning: deep in the weeds) Kirby drew fists strangely. Most artists when drawing a fist coming at you draw with all the proximal phalanges (first finger bone) flat. The viewer sees where the fingers meet the hand and knuckle formed by the metacarpal bones. The thumb is tucked under and the plane of the thumbnail is angled back. Kirby drew where the fingers bends straight on--where the proximal and medial phalanges meet (mid finger knuckle), the hand then is turned up and you don't see where the fingers connect at the top of the hand or the metacarpal bones. The finger bones can't be portrayed receding back from the second knuckle at this angle without a lot of cross hatching so they really do look like four ovals. When the thumb is tucked under the fingers at this angle, the thumbnail is flat to the visual plane. This is the easiest way to look down at your fist if when your arm is resting on an armrest, but an odd way to throw a punch."