Friday, June 29, 2007


Just work for two years on a game and you get one free. I look better in mine by the way but I didn't get a cheese head.
Go see the movie. Michael Medved says "Probably the best movie of the year." marty and I saw it. We were surprised how incredibly good it is.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Layout Experiment And Script Fragment

Seeing if I was happy thumbnailing just with photoshop

'Curse of the Lion Killers

Page One

P1...Close up of lion's head- napping lying down

P2...pulled back showing several lions. Area shaded by rock formation in the background.

P3...Close in on rock shape...Man shape in the shadows.

P4...Female Lion on top of the shade rock

P5...Lion jumps down into resting area of the Man "ROAR"

Page Two

P1...Lion close up-"Roar"

P2....Hand reaches in and drags at lions ear.

P3...Man holding lioness' head to his chest. "Hush, don't be anxious"

P4...Close up of man's eyes gleaming in the dark (like Conan, scarred) "Night will be soon enough."

Page Three

P1....Close up of Horse's head

P2....Full shot of dwarf with the reins.

P3...Close up of Dwarf, Mid-shot smiling, calling out "How many miles left?"

P4...Group of horsemen , the carriage and big dogs.

Page Four

P1...Mid-shot of warrior looking at the sky "It will be night before are in the Claw Valley fort."

P2...Shot of woman leaning head out of the coach window "Stop"

P3...Sillo of woman getting out of the coach

P4..... 3 men dismount

P5.....Men kneel next to carriage at different heights.

Page Five

P1...Nadia, huntress and leader, ascends the bent over men like a staircase, to the top of the Coach

P2....Stands with hands on hips- Hair flowing

P3...."You men know what night brings in this region." Shot of men looking up from horse back, some dismounted, posed holding horses.

P4 ...Dwarf, hands holding onto beard, listening to the speech...Nadia,"Lions! They're why we're here."

P5..."Lets be ready." Sillo of woman holding up a crossbow. Maybe closer on the crossbow.

Page Six...

P1...Full moon, carriage traveling.

P2...Horse heads, eyes wide open Caption...[ The horses saw the lions with their noses]

P3....A lion's eyes

P4..Lion's eyes gleaming in the dark- deep grass-black regions.

P5...Dwarf pulls reins in with a hand the other hand up,Holding up a lamp, next to a horseman.."Ready-Now!"

Page 7

P1...Dwarf smashes lamp onto a lance rigged with a torch wrap.

P2...pov 1st lance rider, two other lances with torch wrap touching his

P3...Every rider now has a lit torch, flaring brilliantly, group shot with harsh shadows.

P4...Lion lit brilliantly, snarling, backing off.

P5....Dwarf excited, laughing, profile. "Torchlight has shrunk their bellies Nadja."

P6...Draws up reins "What the...Nadja! You'll see this!"

Page Eight

P1...Seen from behind, large beast man. Silohuette, Moon in bakgd, . Torch bearers and coach composed in the background

P2...Figure of woman pulls herself , gymnastically to the top of the coach.

P3...Woman posed next to dwarf driver, "Ready your bows!" Aiming crossbow , big stance.

Page Nine

P1...."Fire!" Man from horseback shooting his bow

P2.. Beast being covered with arrows blurring into his body.

P3...More arrows hitting him

P4....Dwarf pulling on reins- foot on the brake-Nadia catching her weight with the stop.

P5..Mid-shot - Beast with arrows sticking in him- blood curdle style typography- "Death, At your service."

Page Ten

P1...Nada- close up- Flaming lance tips framing her " It's an honor to meet you after spending so much time working for you."

P2...Profile shot of beast surging between two halted cart horses- vaulting off the horses- arrows flying into him. Some missing.

P3...Dwarf knocked aside by the beast, leaves his knife in the beast.

P4...Towering over the huntress, face to face. "Who are you and why have you come?"

P5...Huntress close up..."I'm the lion killer of Bornanew. I'm here to kill you."

Page Eleven

Nose to nose- silence

P2..."Then you are welcome." Same shot as above

P3...Beast Jumps over the flaming lances

P4...Lands- pulling arrows from himself "Leave two of your horses. A night travel toll if you will."

P5...close shot of huntress..."Gordon, Melon, Dismount and remove all harness."

P6...tight on wide eye of a horse.

Page Twelve

P1...Close in on two guys with leather helmets, seated on carriage top. One guy patting a dog. The other guy holding his head in his hands

P2...Lions closing in, jumping onto the horses the beast holds by their necks.

P3...Dwarf throwing the reins to another man "Drive Melon- I'll have word with our employer."

P4...Interior the coach Dwarf on his side..."Well-this isn't just lions, It's as we ..."

P5...Nada, close up, finishs thought "suspected."

P6...Two shot, holding dwarf's (Himmet) hand..."And hoped."

Page Thirteen

P1....Shot of Claw Valley fort.

P2....Full shot, The Sheriff. "I'm Pleased...Surprised..You're here. We don't have many night arrivals in Claw Valley."

P3....Shot of Nada ,some of her group in the back " Yes, we saw some of the reason for that. You're kind to welcome us with a ceremony."

P4..."We'll get to know each other eh? Talk over the situation." Foreground, hunstmen watching this conversation

P5... Midshots of hunters, "Troop, lets join our host sheriff Reed for a meal"

Men "Lord love you Sheriff."

Page Fourteen

P1....The party. Shot, frontal, 2 of the huntsmen enjoying a drink and a two handed gnaw on meat. "Madam does well at the head of a table."

P2...Nada at the head of the table , the dwarf seated on her left. Holding a cup.
Over huntsmen dialogue" Aye, more than the Sheriff or his crew."

P3...Crude characters, full shots about 4 of them.

P4...Crude characters, coughing, being pigs. Van dykey beards all around. Huntress small, speaking to Sheriff on her right.
Small type over this scene " ...the whole truth, perhaps."

P5...Drunk sheriff standing, low angle, "Ah, a toast to clear speaking and truth shall we." "Ha Ha Ha." from his crowd.

Page Fifteen

P1...Sheriff, rudely saluting while leaning on the table, flagon high, leer expresion.
"Our lion killer wants to discuss her compact with us."

P2....Nadia . close up, leaning forward smiling.

P3....Hand spring to the middle of the table

P4...Low angle. Walking down the table with her wine flagon. "Lets talk about our compact. No mention of a man-beast, a supernatural creature, impervious to arrow and lance."

P5...Close , midshot of another guy eating a big drumstick as he absorbs this line from Nadia.
Nadia," A man-beast we met and luckily survived his greeting."
Drumstick guy."You met the beast? Did you curtsy?"

P6....Action pose as Nadia prepares to throw herself into action.
Low angle. "I'll curtsy now. Himmet!" (himmet, the Dwarf)

Page Sixteen

P1.....The dwarf is standing in his seat throwing knives butt first to the middle of the dining table. Nadja," A curse, very well."

P2.....Nadia taking knives out of the air with swiping motions sending them on aimed point first. Two of them , with more knives coming
"We accept the false contract ...."

P3...Knife spears the drumstick out of the curtsy comment guys hand and sticks his head gear to his chair. ".....because we have an ally Sheriff Reed."

P4...strong sillo of her snatching knives and throwing them at the same time. Full shot. "The Beast!"

P5...Three thrown daggers surround the Sheriff's head on his big wood chair back.
"The beast wants us to win!"

Page Seventeen

P1...Jumping from table with a head down dancer flip. A round off.

P2...Lands in the chair and balances on it's back two legs while bowing "Or I wouldn't be entertaining you." Type emphasis somehow on "entertain".

P3...Shreiff's guards are drawing a bead on her with crossbows.

P4...Shot of four of the hunters reaching for their own weapons, , knives held in throwing style, swords half out.

P5...Sheriff reaches across his body with his right hand and screws a knife free over his left shoulder. Sound effect as the knife comes free. Kreenk.

P6...Dwarf catches the knife the Sheriff must have thrown, maybe kinda of hard but still handle first. "A formidable curtsy to be sure. You have our attention."

Gage Eighteen

P1...Linking Graphic, sillohuette of a hand holding a throwing dagger...Maybe something else, to accompany dialogue over time collapsing story telling

"Your fort is too isolated to operate from efficiently."

P2..."We will return tomorrow to the area we met the creature. There we'll fortify" Carriage and men on horseback

P3..."Your men will provide a supply line during day to this new hub." Resentful guys dropping off barrels etc, sacks of stuff.

P4.....Party outside the new area, rock lined, high ground. Carts with lances, Dogs.
"In two days we'll move two parties in a criss cross, scissoring the Northern wild."
End of time collapse storytelling.

P5...Dogs howling, Himmet, Dwarf holding them, reacting as he looks up. "Here dog, What?.."

Page Nineteen

P1...A wild haired man is walking toward the organized crowd in the background.

P2..."Ho starnger. My dogs dislike you. Stay clear." Dwarf being dragged by the dogs.

P3..."No surprize that. You've had them rooting into my scent for their blood hunt."
Dogs cower back as a whip cracks in front of them. "Here dogs" The whipper's dialogue

P4.... Nadia coiling the whip, dogs backing off with whimper..."You are?.."

P5...The two face each other. Much like the pose atop the coach. "The beast, at your service."

Page Twenty

P1...Close up of the Dwarf crouching-petting the hunting dog. Himmet, "you've changed friend. Is that what you do, change?"

P2....Shot of Beast tossing the knife into camera, leaving his fingers.
"Exactly lambchop, come night, I change. Here's your knife back."

P3...Dwarf catching the knife "Lambchop? I'm not fond of nicknames. Especially diminutives." continuing....

P4.... Dwarf "How's your liver?" Beast pulling off his shirt, most of it bundled off on one arm. Extreme muscularity with little tick marks matching the arrow entries. Beast, "I heal. But I display wounding. Marks show a fortnight or so."

P5....Full shot of Nadia. With her whip in a coil. "I wonder at the ease of this. Life has taught me not to expect easy."

Page TwentyOne

P1....Lion guy laughs at Nadia's comment.. Shot of the guy getting ready to get the shirt back on and adjusted to comfort again. "Hahaha"

P2...Horseman, foreground stirrup level holding out a net slightly away from the horse flank. Beast," By the way..."

P3...Shot of buzzards dining on horse remains, mostly bone, background element the horseman with the net is leaning forward and the horse is in motion forward.
Beast continues "Your horses were quite toothsome."

P4....Fullshot of the net being thrown over the beast. Play with how much horse to have in the crop. Horseman, "You'll eat no horses today!"

P5...Beast jumps into the air, entangled in net, above saddle height, knocking the rider loose. Net is flying all about adding extra detail.

P6....Rider rolling clear

P7...Rider coming up with a knife and a fight face and a growl.!

Page TwentyTwo

P1....A whip lash disarms Malon, the rider. Close on the hand being hit by the whip. Maybe encircling the knife.

P2..."Be still Melon. I have questions he'd answer best without your steel in his heart." Whipping the whip into the air with a crack..."Crack!" Maybe close crop, not showing much whip. But showing the cracking part coming into the frame.

P3...Horizontal panel , fairly full shots, Beast ripping away at the net. Nadia with rope coil in her hands. Nadia ""We'll bind you now. Will you stand for it?" Beast " If you do the binding, certainly."

P4....Group of lions with the group small in background..."Lions" "They're watching us" " Watching our horses."

P5....Insert, midshot of beast tied up, grinning in the cart. Nadja, "we'll be back at the fort before dark."

P6....Background the cart going away, Nadia in foreground. "Secure the stockade with pike and torch defenses. Hobble the horses." "Aye, we know what to do." "Go, Mistress. It's a long trip."

Page Twenty Three

P1...Later time is established by scene change. Dwarf and Nadia two shot. Nadia horseback, Dwarf in cart seat. Looking over his shoulder. Nadia" My God. He goes to his death and he drowses."
"Yes, his horse feast has made him logy no doubt."
"Not just that. He has no fear. Even one who wants death should have some fear of it."

P2....Cart arrival in the background. Sheriff is the foreground doing some broadsword fencing exercise with an opponent.

P3...Nadia taking the horses by reins and pulling them into a shed. "Himmel. Ask the Sheriff to see our prize." Himmel bounding from cart. "Of course."

P4...Himmel walks through the spectators, the ones that look at him look down their noses. Scornful. Sounds of clashing and exertion.

P5...Sheriff knocking the sword out of his opponents hand "Ha." Crowd, "yay" ClappCllapp.

P6...Dwarf at the front of crowd, standing with arms folded. Very calm looking.

P7...Sheriff's sweaty head noticing Dwarf. "Eh?"

Page Twenty Four

P1...Sheriff mopping his brow, taking a drink from a ladle. "You seem unimpressed low pockets. " Crowd laughs "hahaha"

P2...Dwarf, Himmet, drops his hands and gestures behind him, mid shot. "Apologies Sheriff. We've ridden fast and long to bring."

P3...Low angle, looking up at the Sheriff. "You're tired then lowpockets? Not bemused at my skill.?"
Himmet, "Sir, your skill is obvious but."

P4...Same low angle, looking around to crowd. Sheriff Reed (looks like Oliver reed.) "I have obvious skills. Such a flatterer." "Hahahaha"

P5...Dwarf Looking up and about at crowd around him "I do lack descriptive skill at times..."

P6...Horizontal Two shot, Sheriff casting a sword to the dwarf. "Lets see if you have a weapon skill that forgives your descriptive skill!"
Dwarf "This is not.."

Page Twenty Five

P1...Sheriff attacks with a war whoop, White, no background. "Yaahhh!"

P2 Two shot showing easy parry by Himmet.

P3...Parry drives Sheriff sword point in the ground. Close up

P4...Same shot, Himmets foot kicks in and breaks sword off close to the pommel guard.

P5...Sheriff face plants into the foreground as Himmet dances gracefully aside, kicking foot still slightly raised in the air.

Page Twenty Six

P1...Himmet, throwing his sword to one side. "My advice Sheriff Reed, always use your personal guard for fencing opponents."

P2..Slow to stand, midshot of furious face , scratched, Sheriff, holding broken sword "I'll hang him by his stubby legs..." Not loud, grumbled.

P3....A whip cracks above the head of the crowd. Making them bend and cower down from the cracking sound.

P4...A vision of loveliness, Nadai her hair flowing, her whip uncoiled. "If you're done playing with Himmet, I have business to discuss."

P5...Staggering sheriff, pushing people aside , dropping broke sword, apparent direction would be to Nadia's location.

Page Twenty Seven.

P1... Mid shot, Sheriff close enough to leer and finger Nadias hair. "You are a vision. A foot taller than any of the wenches in Claw Valley. Your hair is so free and beautiful."

P2....Nadia pushes the hand aside and reaches up to her scalp with the whip hand. "Thank you. My father was a tall man. " "I'm not so attached to my hair I wouldn't sell it for a fair price." Seperate balloons

P3...Foreground, Nadia's whip hand gripping a wig she holds out to the background shot of horrified Sheriff Reed.

P4....Profile, close up of Nadia's head. Scalp scars take up all the forward part of her scalp. Remaining long hair at the back turned into a pony tail.."I have a lion to thank for ridding me of most of my vanity." The beast laughs from somewhere in the background.

P5....Sheriff looking into camera, next to Nadia who is tying a kerchief, pirate style across her forehead, leaving the pony tail out. Sheriff "Who laughs?!"
Nadia "Your tormentor-The beast."

Comic Page

Here is the page of the comic idea that Tom C. and I submitted to the Comic Pitch contest. Impy is a computer generated AI construct and Lotus is a superhero that he hangs around with and annoys... and occasionally helps out.

Wednesday Sketch Surprise

OMG! I'm posting a drawing!!! Just a doodle cause of boredom. Some kind of robot-guy . I think he was inspired by a Power Ranger's episode I was watching with my kid the other night.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top Ten Coolest And Charles R Knight SaberTooth

Random doodles and a toy I'm looking for. Did any of you guys ever have a hard plastic sabertooth toy all of 3 to 4 inches long that looked just like this Charles R Knight drawing? I've trying to luck into finding it on EBAY. It's a geek thing.

Found it... It's a Marx toy...


Monday, June 25, 2007

More Tolga For Ya

Another Tolga. We have just rearranged everyone's seat here at work, and now Tolga and I are on the same floor, in the same quadrant. Plan on more drawings.

This drawing, by the way, was meant to humiliate him into quitting all that hair product. I said he looks like he's in an ad for the latest Tatra cabriolet.

BONUS CONTENT: "Jok" (pronounced like "egg yolk"), our French head of IT in his F.C. Nantes tee-shirt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Um ... I Made The Top 50 In The Comic Book Challenge

It was the last submission I made before the deadline closed, a comic book adaptation of the theatrical musical variety revue I'm finishing up right now. Here is the text that went with it:


This is primarily the story of six people, one disenfranchised Neo-Conservative with a gun for a nose, two steadfast women at opposite ends of the political spectrum, a three-headed general, a salsa-dancing terrorist, and a conflicted peacenik, all striving to validate their lives and work in the months leading up to the 2008 Presidential election.

The comic supports a musical stage revue called, amazingly, “I Survived The Bush Administration (And All I Got Was This #$%^&@ T-Shirt)”. The finished comic would include all of the revue’s comedy sketches and skits, as well as print versions of all eleven songs.

The playlist is comprised of the following songs:
-- The Road To Utopia
-- The Neo-Conservative Blues
-- Stomp The Constitution
-- The Terrorism Cha-Cha
-- Simple Solution
-- Bake Sale
-- I Am Sorry
-- Just A Girl …
-- It Hurts When The Congress Thinks You’re Nuts
-- Going Forward

All songs will be referenced in the comic and will be available for readers to listen to on

Children of Dune

I've been re-reading Children of Dune lately, so I have Freman on my mind...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lion Doodle

Early for Tuesday Sketch

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Penguin

My first balloon thought was "breakfast is served." Decided it was funnier to leave it blank.

Penguin Madness, part 2

This is just a quick one. Congrats, Jeff! You should be proud of yerself!



Sunday evening I took a slew of family to see yr film. Our ages ranged from 11 to 77, and every single person was in agreement--they loved it! People in the theater even applauded spontaneously when the film ended--not biden by us, mind you, tho' we joined in. When your name came up on the screen we all cheered wildly. On the whole, it was quite a thrill--esp. seeing yr big name up on the big screen, all by its lonesome!

I hope you are whooping it up, basking in the glow. In my drawing you seem to be saying, "Let the accolades flow!" but I couldn't be sure--the words were a little slurred when you spoke them.

Everybody, git out there and check out the flick--it's good, it's honestly suitable for all ages, and it's not cloying. And the story cut together really well--that's our boy, the master of the boards at work!

I have been trying to convince my boss to let me take the whole department to see it, but he's balking. CHEAP BASTARDS.

Anyhow, mega-congrats. My apologies if the likeness is weak. I think every TAG member should commemorate Jeff's acheivement with a penguin-themed drawing.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Good, bad... I'm the guy with the gun

Today marks the official announcement of the game I've been working on for the past year and a half: The Agency.

Read all about it here:


Shacknews announcement

Shacknews preview

Gametrailers Behind-the-scenes film

Being the weapons guy for this project, I did the minigun you can see in the screenshot. I've also done a little character work (hair on one of the guys and the evening shoes worn by the hot chick). But mostly I make guns. Lots and lots of guns.

The official website:

Offical Website

I'm super-happy to be on "The Agency" team. If we can cram all the great ideas and artwork onto a Blu-Ray, I think we'll have a great fun, game!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Powerful Fun

Surf's Up was a great story. Seeing Jeff's name, all by itself on the big screen. Wow. The story of a boy who loved surfing, took some courses and swam to the top of show biz. Very cool.

Blown away by so many aspects of the film it's hard to list them. I think the style of subtly, slightly jostled hand held camera made it very intimate. Loved the voice talents. Jack's line gets about the biggest laugh. My fave joke was the injured urchin.

Ok though. Mystery. You go to IMDB, SURFS UP, and do a search for Ranjo and you only come up with Smudge, young Jack Ranjo. Where is you Jeff?

Good review on AintItCool as well. This is the sort of flick the kids will wear out once it comes out on DVD.

The ending was feel good hall of fame.

Congrats Jeff.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Transformer Premiere a BUST

All individual tickets are sold out. Boo hoo.

Looking through old files...

I was doing some cleaning on my computer and I came across this photo. If you follow baseball then you probably know who the guy on the left is. Shilling is a huge EQ fan and stopped by the SOE offices to visit the makers of the game... then he stood around for an hour while just about every person in the company had his or her picture taken with him. I didn't even know who he was at the time. We both ended up in Boston, both playing for different teams than we were when this picture was taken. Now that I'm back in CA, I wonder if he's going to get snapped up by the As...
BTW, there was a good review for Surfs Up in the SJ Mercury today... maybe I'll check it out. ;)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Hello Ellis,

As of June 8th individual ticket sales will begin. If you are
interested in only seeing "TRANSFORMERS " as the totality of your LA
Fest experience, individual tickets may indeed be the route to explore.
Nevertheless, please do be cognizant of the factor that the screening
interest, in this specific case, is thee hot ticket item of the
Yet, even with that information at hand, we have no foresight as to how
many individual tickets will be remaining, if any, to go up for sale on
the aforementioned morning.

It is with this in mind that we here at The Los Angeles Film Festival
always recommend the consideration of a pass purchase, which could more
easily ensure you getting into these types of screenings of
You can find passes for purchase on our website, so that you can more
fully immerse yourself in a plethora of our fine film going events,
you so desire. Please go to for more info, and feel
free to call a Film Fest representative at 866-345-6337.

Elementary -
S.M. Watson
Phone Room Sales Manager


Tickets to the “TRANSFORMERS” premiere are $25 and can be obtained
now by
purchasing a pass to this year’s Festival. Any single tickets
will be sold beginning June 8 by calling 866.FILM.FEST (866.345.6337)
on our website, Screenings will take place at The
Landmark Regent Theater, the Mann National Theater, the Mann Bruin
Theater, and the Mann Village Theater, with the main premiere taking
at the Mann National Theater.

Transformer Premiere UPDATE!!

So I called the number that they gave on the website and was told that they won't start selling the $25 Transformer Premiere ticktes until the June 8th. Call this number (1-866-345-6337) or check on June 8th!! I'm so there!! Like these guys er...guy:

Great Caricaturist Sculptor

Hermann Mejia

another viral link from work.

The drawing oif the Seven Samurai blew me away.

Too bad all the work is embedded Flash. I'd like to right click/save all that work.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sorry for the big lay-off in posting, my little minions. I was without my computer for over a month and I couldn't muster up the damn site at work. And then there's the fact that I would have to blog with Ellis and I just couldn't justify that.

The new job at High Moon is going great. Enjoy the work and enjoy the people... I also enjoy the new cashflow. Have you guys heard of this place called Target? It's great! You can BUY things there with your money and you can place them IN YOUR HOME!

I've found a place in Carlsbad right near where the 5 meets the 78. It's a cool bachelor pad with big rooms, washer/dryer, vaulted ceilings, torso of a mummified Brazilian... the works. Come down for a visit!

Jeff! Surf's Up is actually looking cool! Usually I'm not too impressed with some of these new animated trailers lately, but yours is making me laugh (especially the three rewinds on the screaming penguin as he plunges off the wave.) Also, your son's delivery of his lines were excellent. Give him a cookie.

Anyways, I'll post some new drawings soon or something. Oh, and I also splurged on a new XBOX 360 Elite. I heard they were really hard to get but I just walked into a Best Buy down here and there were two just sitting there. So I stole it. I set a fat kid on fire to distract the guards. Worked like a charm.

Anyways: The Sequel, I'll talk to you guys soon. Maybe I should have a housewarming party or something. Maybe Target will cater.

Something New

More disembodied heads as my friend Doug likes to call them.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Transformer Premiere Anybody?? Only $25!!!

I just ran across this:

Film Independent announced today that DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures’ highly anticipated summer blockbuster “TRANSFORMERS” will have its Los Angeles premiere at the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival on Wednesday, June 27. One of the largest film premieres of its kind to take place in Los Angeles and open to the public, “TRANSFORMERS” will be screened simultaneously in four Westwood Village theaters with a seating of 4,000.

The red-carpet premiere will be followed by a massive block party – which is open to anyone who attends one of the film’s four screenings – on the Festival Promenade on Broxton Avenue.

Directed by Michael Bay, “TRANSFORMERS” stars Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Anderson, Megan Fox, Rachael Taylor, with John Turturro and Jon Voight.

“Fans have been waiting for this movie for years,” said Festival Director, Rich Raddon. “I’m excited that, through the Festival, the public can be a part of this anticipated premiere, not to mention the after-party that will take place in the streets of Westwood.”

“TRANSFORMERS” is the ultimate L.A. movie, with many of its most exciting action sequences shot on the city’s streets,” said the film’s producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. “The Los Angeles Film Festival is the perfect venue to launch this film.”

In “TRANSFORMERS,” aliens make Earth their final battleground. As the forces of evil seek the key to ultimate power, our last chance for survival rests in the hands of young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). “TRANSFORMERS” will be released nationwide on July 4, 2007.

Tickets to the “TRANSFORMERS” premiere are $25 and can be obtained now by purchasing a pass to this year’s Festival. Any single tickets remaining will be sold beginning June 8 by calling 866.FILM.FEST (866.345.6337) or on our website, Screenings will take place at The Landmark Regent Theatre, the Mann National Theatre, the Mann Bruin Theatre, and the Mann Village Theatre, with the main premiere taking place at the Mann National Theatre.

As previously announced, Academy Award®-winning actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood will receive this year’s Spirit of Independence Award on Thursday, June 28 at a special event sponsored by Target. Kasi Lemmons’ Talk to Me (Focus Features) will kick off the Festival as the Opening Night film on Thursday, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mann Village Theatre. Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (Fox Searchlight Pictures) will serve as the Closing Night film on Sunday, July 1 at 7:00 p.m. at the Wadsworth Theatre.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Brent Anderson sighting!

I just attended Super-Con yesterday here in San Jose and who should I see there but Brent! Brent was part of TAG before I joined up, but I knew he was a TAG alum, so I have pointed him to this Blog in the hopes that he will have a chance occasionally to contribute.

Also, go to his website: In his Bio, he metions TAG, the TAG Rag, and he has his TAG Rag story on posted on his site.