Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sorry for the big lay-off in posting, my little minions. I was without my computer for over a month and I couldn't muster up the damn site at work. And then there's the fact that I would have to blog with Ellis and I just couldn't justify that.

The new job at High Moon is going great. Enjoy the work and enjoy the people... I also enjoy the new cashflow. Have you guys heard of this place called Target? It's great! You can BUY things there with your money and you can place them IN YOUR HOME!

I've found a place in Carlsbad right near where the 5 meets the 78. It's a cool bachelor pad with big rooms, washer/dryer, vaulted ceilings, torso of a mummified Brazilian... the works. Come down for a visit!

Jeff! Surf's Up is actually looking cool! Usually I'm not too impressed with some of these new animated trailers lately, but yours is making me laugh (especially the three rewinds on the screaming penguin as he plunges off the wave.) Also, your son's delivery of his lines were excellent. Give him a cookie.

Anyways, I'll post some new drawings soon or something. Oh, and I also splurged on a new XBOX 360 Elite. I heard they were really hard to get but I just walked into a Best Buy down here and there were two just sitting there. So I stole it. I set a fat kid on fire to distract the guards. Worked like a charm.

Anyways: The Sequel, I'll talk to you guys soon. Maybe I should have a housewarming party or something. Maybe Target will cater.


Jeff said...

Yay! Little Scotty is alive!!! I guess making money and spending it leaves you little time for the internets so I understand.

YOU bought an X-Box EElite??? SUCKA!!! Now you really won't have time to post on TAG. Return it. Go get a Wii. Yes I work for Sony and I am endorsing the enemy's product. Hey if it's good, it's good.

Glad yo likey the Surf's Up. I got called into the casting director's office today because the quote I gave in the "Art Of" book caused Tank actor Deitrich Bader to feel dissed. The quote was about how I wrote Tank's lines and he was under the impression that HE improved the lines. Wow. You can speak on this, are actor egos really that fragile???

Glad you're back. Now that you have that job you can buy me those lunches you owe me. OR you can just buy me a Wii and call it even.


rickart said...

Welcome back to the living, Scotty! I have some news as well... we just completed the bidding process with the buyer of our house in MA, so Sue and the kids can get the heck outta there! Hopefully we will have a place picked out on this end before the kids go to school... so they can know what school they will be attending! However, this doesn't bode well for the possibility of my getting to the Con this year as we will probably be knee deep in house hunting at that point. I'll keep you guys posted.

I went to Pirates the other day on a work outing and heard some laughs during the Surfs Up trailer. I'm pretty jazzed... and man, the marketing blitz is impressive! I see those darned penguins EVERYWHERE! I hope you are seeing some of that revenue, Jeff!

Mr Goodson said...

Cash is good. I'm glad you're getting your share again Scott. I'll come and see you when I go to Legoland. Hope the house hunt goes smoothly Rick. I'm not sure I'll make it to the Con. I've done no preparation ( Cat sitter etc ) and Kroyonzilla won't let me and Monster Girl stay at his apartment.

Mr Goodson said...

PS ..Good to see you posting again Scott.