Monday, June 25, 2007

More Tolga For Ya

Another Tolga. We have just rearranged everyone's seat here at work, and now Tolga and I are on the same floor, in the same quadrant. Plan on more drawings.

This drawing, by the way, was meant to humiliate him into quitting all that hair product. I said he looks like he's in an ad for the latest Tatra cabriolet.

BONUS CONTENT: "Jok" (pronounced like "egg yolk"), our French head of IT in his F.C. Nantes tee-shirt.


rickart said...

I like Jok a lot! Nice and clean.

Jeff said...

Hey Marty, what was the name of the song that Tolga wrote?? My Turkish friend seems to recall that it's a risque rap/hip hop song.

Mr Goodson said...

Scott, Yongwoo, Two Tolgas and a Jok. I think with the addition of me and Marty we may have the highest ratio of handsome men in any corporate entity.