Friday, August 28, 2015

You Rang? Final cut

Some much needed cutting on running length. 
Came out decent. Couple of cool sound additions.
I was going to be the voice on the other end of the line. And I couldn't pull it off to my satisfaction. I think it plays better with just Scott's voice.
It shouldn't be possible. I just watched a 1948 movie with dinosaurs and a Sloth the size of King Kong that I knew nothing about. With good actors.
Lot of it shot in Corriganville -which I've jogged through enough to have every oak tree and boulder memorized.
Ray Crash Corrigan played the Sloth.

For Jim Gorham

Working on this animal drawing class. So dang far behind. This is to give 'em an idea of how to build a drawing. A true step-by-step scan (except the abstraction), but turned out stiff-as-hell in the end, didn't it? Crap. Shouldn't work in blue pencil, either....

Jim Gorham, hope you're OK. Neither me nor Ranjo have been able to reach you by phone. I guess I should email. And I will. Soon as I finish prepping this class.

Ellis, I was thinking of your "You Rang" last night as I watched the obscure Warren Oates opus "Chandler." I taped it 'cuz: (1)Warren Oates and (2) I was thinking of "Hammet" (?) The Frederick Forrest movie from Zoetrope. The opening shot of Chandler was great, but oh, man, what a bad movie. Beautifully shot. And a gloriously mature Leslie Caron hustled about while wearing full-on 70's regalia of a rare gorgeousness.
My version of this internet meme:

BTW, this horse is my answer to my all-time favorite internet meme (which I showed the students on the first day of class as I inveighed against 90% of the "How to Draw Animals" books out there):

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

New movie masterpiece- YOU RANG?

(deleted the other two rough cuts)
Unfinished sound but the cuts are finished.
I did this film grab from the Avengers Ultron movie.
Most of the buildings in downtown OKC look like those surrounding the Avengers building.
Basic principle of art appeal. Contrast.
1940s architecture with Buck Rogers in the middle.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Url making

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Revising FUME Cover

I am doing another pass on the FUME cover for the final comic. Not finished but I'm looking for comments and suggestions on what bugs you. No leading comments from me...just fire away with gripes--it'll be much appreciated!
Ellis Edit
adding a jpg where I converted to cmyk. Flip back and forth.
No big deal. Dark contrasts got the most damage
What the heck. When I looked at it full size on the blog, it's nothing like what I preview with the mac. Hmmm. The little thumbnail doesn't have such flipped out / oversaturated colors.


Our commie savior

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Of little merit

Separated at birth.
I thought of this at work today. Don't worry it's a fixed cost contract so no more taxpayer money than usual was wasted.

JMG added:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Friday, August 07, 2015


Here's another one. I feel good that it's only takes me one day to do these...until I think about how much I'm getting paid :-/

Had to get this up before the midnight deadline. I'll fill you in on details tomorrow.

Done for the co-author of the fascinating and lavishly illustrated "Memories of a Munchkin," a memoir by the little person who played the Munchkin Coroner. The over-sized Lollipop Kid is a caricature of the (surviving) co-author, Daniel Kinske, a really nice guy who, after fielding a bunch of questions from me about the legend of "Midget Town", handed me a copy of the book and asked only for a drawing in return.

I believe in "over-delivering."

Check out the book--great cover by Hirschfeld, too!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

More RPG work

You were tired of looking at the gorgeous piece at the top any way.

I put Marty's updated thread back up top where it deserves to be.
 The other two I'm doing.
By the way.
Anyone that feels up to some freelance from a guy that paid me like clockwork for my work- Ken Mora and Ms Valkyrie.
I just told him I couldn't do the strip without my old setup.
Pencils done for one. I'll do the other 3 in pencil as well before I do color.

One more to go
This is the worst. Went to directly from a rough that was just a first pass that could have been improved. But...I'm calling it done.