Thursday, August 06, 2015

More RPG work

You were tired of looking at the gorgeous piece at the top any way.

I put Marty's updated thread back up top where it deserves to be.
 The other two I'm doing.
By the way.
Anyone that feels up to some freelance from a guy that paid me like clockwork for my work- Ken Mora and Ms Valkyrie.
I just told him I couldn't do the strip without my old setup.
Pencils done for one. I'll do the other 3 in pencil as well before I do color.

One more to go
This is the worst. Went to directly from a rough that was just a first pass that could have been improved. But...I'm calling it done.



Davis Chino said...

ELZ! These look so good! Man, I love seeing you challenge yrself to make more fully realized figures--not that there's anything wrong with your wunderbar cartoon-y, comic book-y characters, which you do exceptionally. Your spontaneous sketches have so much life and invention--they really excel everyone in that field. But it's great to see you make that knowledge explicit in more studied poses--really stretching and it looks so great!

But I have to ask--are you holding back on the "sexy" for the woman? Don't deprive us of yr take on feminine beauty and their physical allure!

Davis Chino said...

Did you just flip the order of these?!? Elz. Please. You flatter me, but it is not necessary. I'm loving yr trading card work!!

Rickart said...

Yeah, I'm digging these as well. It's fun work if you can get it. I some RPG work a few years back and it was a lot of fun. It was weird stuff that I never would have done on my own, but it was a great challenge.

MrGoodson2 said...

Marty. Yes I flipped you to the Top. It's only proper. Thanks for the comments and praise. That's what i'm fishing for.
I do hold back on sexy because of feedback that they don't want sexy. I've done a couple of Vampirella type of costumes and it was "We'll let it go this time..but be aware."
I have a lot of work to do.
I should be doing it.

Tom Moon said...

Yeah, these are going to be great. You have a real talent for these cards Ellis. When I first glanced at the sketch of the woman it looked like she had a tentacle growing out of her head like those Star Wars women. It's just because of the placement of the stone archway behind her. But that shouldn't carry over after the lines are refined I imagine.

MrGoodson2 said...

It's something to look for. If the thumbnail has a problem, the big version can have a problem.

MrGoodson2 said...

I just quit the Ms Valkyrie work.
No more comic book work except my own comic book work.
It's too hard to do freelance without the cintiq set up.
Faithful day that I tried to update that OS for the iMac.
Like throwing 2000 dollars in a camp fire.

Joined Together (Ventriloquist horror) becomes my focus after the RPG stuff.

Tom Moon said...

Oh, wow, so you didn't finish the pages you've been showing us? I'm curious what reason you gave them and how they responded. Did you tell them it was because of computer problems or because you didn't like the material?

Well if it means we will see more of your own comic book work then I'm all for it. I'm hoping you will go back to the were-lion story and the one about the little girl and her giant demon cat companion.

MrGoodson2 said...

The were-lion story was called CURSE OF THE LION KILLER. That would go over big with all the Cecil news.

I told him the truth. That I couldn't do it with the monoprice tablet. Not even sure I could do it if I had a wacom tablet. I'm too used to the cintiq by now.

Said I was sorry. I really am sorry not to make the money.

So anyone want some freelance ( he pays like a dream) pays ahead of schedule . If you show him you are producing. I linked it in the thread.

I won't be looking for any more freelance. This bit I've cultivated with EnWorld is all I want.

MrGoodson2 said...

I'm starting to think short form web comics will be my future. Like my Skewered Fairy Tales.

BDMontag said...

Wow. (About the work shown here, and concentrating solely on the RPG stuff)

Marty must have missed the Facebook TAG thread on drawing chicks. Tread lightly on the T and A.

Tom Moon said...

When Marty came down not long ago I showed him that thread. I immediately advised him to post that "Girls Boxing" drawing he did to the Facebook TAG.

Tom Moon said...

The pencils of the queen are looking good. Reminds me a little of Cersei from Game of Thrones.

Tom Moon said...

They all look great Ellis.

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Tom. Replaced the PNG with a JPG for the Prince drawing. Fun to have that big a run of work the past couple of days. Now back to JOINED TOGETHER, Ventriloquist horror story. Which, besides Gorgon, it will be on Tumble and feature some looping Gif animation.

Davis Chino said...

Elz--these are great! Don't keep nesting 'em inside old posts--share 'em at the top of the page! Original content should always gets preferential treatment.