Friday, August 31, 2007

Skrib, have you been moonlighting?

Below is a link for a game that looks remarkable like one of Skribl's robot paintings...

Nicely animated and pretty to look at, I think this is a winner... assuming that it plays as well as it looks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Watch Farrah!

This is a really funky marketing video made to generate interest in one of the games that Vivendi Mobile (the company I work for) has put out... it's kinda fun.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cover (First Pass) for my Lulu Sketchbook

I've got the sketches set up in a PDF format. Six by Nine. I need to add another three pages, Intro, a little blah blah, and maybe go through it another time and change some of this and that. It'll be a bunch of very rough doodling.

I'll continue with the cover. I'm changing the Type and probably some layout stuff. Get rid of some of the simple rectangle stuff. But this is a quick lazy pass. Sketches that can be found inside the book but with the addition of color punching them up.

More 'Surf's Up' goodness

Here is a really nice interview with texture artist Mike Yazijian.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cool Comic Book Drawings

Here's a San Diego artist who's comic book style I like quite a bit, but I've never heard of him before. Surely one of you knows him though. Tons of cool drawings on his blog:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


click the headline to go to a cool site. Move the mouse over a drawing and it fades the anatomy overlay in and out over the model. The rest of the site is worth browsing as well. Some Gold from work.

Picture is just a skeleton I figured was a lion. From the same set of sites.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mr Toy

From an old comic book.

Click the arrows to read the art. The first page is unreadable because the background color comes from this web page, not the black of my other webpage

Clive Barker short story roughed out animatic

Cool Clive Barker story where a guy has his car overheat and strands him in the middle of the desrt. Out in the desert he just makes out some sort of group trucking along on foot. He makes his way toward them,,, and here I may veer from the story. i don't reemeber. i may have added the device of near Rattler strke to explain why he'd be so distracted he'd get very close to the group before he realizes it's a parade of MONSTERS. One chases him back toward the car and when the opportunity to pounce on him presents itself, the monster bounds on by and instead attacks his car, which explodes. It runs to the closest town while on fire. My "short" ends on that point. Not much to see. Just more aborted Flash work i did to teach myself Flash.

Tog and Ty

Just further experiments. Tog and Ty is a supernatural story. A girl and her magic cat. Bad animation but it'll get better.

Junkyard Split

Use the little arrows at the top left to move forward through the storyboards of this pitch idea.

Publishing this as an experiment. I may do a lot of Flash File publishing on the blog if it works.

Well, It kinda works. Click zoom in to see more detail on the art. You can scrub the drawing area around to look at the text etc.

LULU for NO cost Graphic Novels

Can there be anything more revolutionary than being able to publish books with vanity press size print runs and not having to spend a cent?

If you want your own copies of the book you pay about as much as any other customer. Buy 50 of your own graphic novels to sell at the CON for about a 13 percent profit.

Let Lulu and Amazon sell them and split any moneys made with LulU.

I talked this over with a guy at work. The picture I posted is from the top graphic novel of the site. Shawn Stiles huge sketchbook. S Curves.

The idea you no longer have minimum orders where you sell ten percent or less of a bunch of books and have the extras for the next 20 years. That's over. This is just a PDF file they keep on file and use for printing as orders come in.

Anyway, check it out. I'm excited about the idea myself.

My friend Yongwoo let me have this interesting data when we went to Stuart Ng's bookstore.. Check out his Blog by going to my Blog and clicking on ECHOFORM

Click below or click the headline to go to Lulu.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Comicon 82

What's that they're selling? Looks like magazines or something. Where's the toys and Dvds and games and masks and weapons.

Photo by Alan Light. Who I'm sure I've met at some time or other.

25 years ago. Pre Tag even. That's old

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comic Con 1982...

Found pics of Shel at this Flickr account.
Check out the link for more way-back action!

Alan Light Flickr Photoset: Comic Con 1982

LA Myth: Meltdown Show

So when I was at the Comic Con I ran into a former Cal Arts student of mine and he invited me to enter a piece for a show he was planning at
Meltdown in Hollywood. I said yes but wasn't sure if I could pull off a piece in time with work, family and the wii. So the Friday before the show I kicked myself in the butt and cranked out a 'lil gouachey 'sumpin 'sumpin. Not the greatest but at least I got into the theme. It even got a write up in LAWeekly!! (look I'm all excited like a little school girl)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hulk head study

Just a quick ZBrush 3 Hulk head study using the Cintiq. ZBrush 3 is great - so many fun and handy tools. A lot of stuff I'd like to do differently, namely switch out the painted-on eyes with an actual eye model (that's why there's no specular sheen).




This a gouache painting I did yesterday for a four-year-old girl who has cancer. She likes princesses.

People have LOST their minds!

Frilled Lizard

He's big, He runs funny

Friday, August 10, 2007

D-War Anybody??

Koreans getting in on the giant monster craze!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cintiq sketch

I managed to liberate a 21ux from the cube of our former 2D design guy who left the company to go to a start-up. I won't get to keep it, most likely, but my boss said I could use it for a few weeks. I haven't sketched in forever. I've been up to my neck modeling weapons. It's nice to just go crazy with no rules. I have no idea what this is. Just some random, gnarly monster.

Oh, and the Cintiq rocks. I am trying to be jaded so I will resist the urge to plop down $2500 for digital paper, but I really like these things.

Edit: I took Mr. Goodson's critique to heart and made a few changes. I like it a lot more now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another strange head

After that last strange head I did, I had the thought of doing another take on the idea of things that shouldn't be coming out of a head coming out of a head.

I've hooked up with the cartoonist community here in the Bay Area... I took the family to a great party at the Schultz residence and chatted for a long while with Brent who was fresh from his visit with you guys at the TAG party. Cool beans!

On MY Scanner: Tuesday poopy

I was just watching the fun bits of 300 today. I liked the movie beacause it delivered what it promised. Fighting and lots of it. Slo-mo fighting too! I never read the comic so I have no baggage. This is a drawing I did while talking on the phone.

On the Scanner Now

Nick O Tane

Surf's Up Notes

Jeff, hope it's okay to post this here. This movie is definitely on my must-see list. I have heard nothing but good things about this movie.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Marty Teaches The Chester Head

Marty Davis gave us quite a fine lecture on the nuances of head rendering. This page of random notes was the result.The model's name is Chester Shay, spelled Hsieh.

New Blogger Toys!!

If you haven't noticed, there are two new features on the TAG blog. They are:

The Poll feature - As you can see to the right that Scotty Buncake will be tarred and feathered at next year's Comic-Con. If you want to make your own poll, feel free to. First come first served.

Google Video - At the top right are video links to YouTube. Videos are randomly shown in the four windows. Just click on one to see it. The content is controlled by keywords that you provide. I've already added a few like comics, illustration, star wars, star trek, etc. Feel free to add keywords at your leisure.


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