Thursday, August 16, 2007

LA Myth: Meltdown Show

So when I was at the Comic Con I ran into a former Cal Arts student of mine and he invited me to enter a piece for a show he was planning at
Meltdown in Hollywood. I said yes but wasn't sure if I could pull off a piece in time with work, family and the wii. So the Friday before the show I kicked myself in the butt and cranked out a 'lil gouachey 'sumpin 'sumpin. Not the greatest but at least I got into the theme. It even got a write up in LAWeekly!! (look I'm all excited like a little school girl)

1 comment:

rickart said...

that looks like fun!

Nice work, dude... it seems like a lot of participants when with some variation of octopus arms... what's up with that?