Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday WIP for Enworld

Pencil rough. Need corrections on the closest leg. But I wanted something to take into photoshop, play with lighting before I did more drawing.
3rd- probably final for the month.
SUX! Major struggle. Way too much photoshop.
This version is the revised version.

My muji ballpoint inks are a natural for these adult coloring books.
Doing a couple this month
 Proportion changes again. Really looks like a room full of Abes now.
I'll calm down on some of this process stuff.
I'll add the finish color as the last thing on the thread.
I've been told I'll get a third assignment this month.
Imagine how great I'd be doing if this paid well.

Von Carl Barks

Close by some of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn train stations (the city trains) there might be a Kiosk (not like in the malls in the US, Kiosk in this case just means a small convience store) that sells snacks, books and magazines for the train.  In one of the Kiosks I found a load of comics... a few tradeback compolations of DC and Marvel comics, and then LOADS of Disney comics, Manga and Asterix.  I know that the TAG blog has a few Barks fans, so I snapped this photo for you guys.  At some of the larger book stores you can find what you and I call "European Comics", which are by and large for more grown up tastes.

Another Drawing

Well, it is Tuesday after all.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


I'm not sure if I ever shared this or not.  I did it for an art test a while back.  I was pretty happy with the design, but it may be just too out there to be cute. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Forbidden Planet

Anne Francis is used in the same composition several times. Dressing the set at the edge of frame.

Kong for Ref

Needed good ref for Kong's build and features. Going to draw and study him a bit. Show the world he's not a gorilla and that it is better to not depict him as a gorilla.

Going to draw some Kong

Never really tried to draw Kong. I've let myself be bugged by other people drawing gorillas as Kong. I'll see if I ca do a satisfying bit of figure invention for Kong. Skull Island, the early year stuff.

Coming very soon.
A createspace sketchbook.
94 pages.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Did I Already Post This?

Hey Ellis, I thought about you tonight. We went to dinner at a local restaurant and a couple sitting at the table next to us overheard me talking about working in the video games field and attending Comic-Con. They were really big into going to the Con every year. Anyway it turned out that the guy's job was... Elevator Repairman!  And he was familiar with Sony because he used to come once in a while to service the SOE elevator.  He said that elevator repair was a great niche field to be in. What with all the tall buildings in the world, most people don't realize that the elevator was the HEART of any building. FUNNY!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jason Brubaker Fonts

The 15 fonts Jason Brubaker offers for sale.
I decided it was worth it so no one gives me the pariah treatment for using Comic Sans.
Isn't Jason part of TAG North?
I should have got a discount.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Color Trickiness - Keeping it simple


Making some real easy edits to color following Jason Brubaker's tips in the tutorial link.
Just the kind of approach I should take. Gimmicky, simple, covers my disability with flashiness.