Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Von Carl Barks

Close by some of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn train stations (the city trains) there might be a Kiosk (not like in the malls in the US, Kiosk in this case just means a small convience store) that sells snacks, books and magazines for the train.  In one of the Kiosks I found a load of comics... a few tradeback compolations of DC and Marvel comics, and then LOADS of Disney comics, Manga and Asterix.  I know that the TAG blog has a few Barks fans, so I snapped this photo for you guys.  At some of the larger book stores you can find what you and I call "European Comics", which are by and large for more grown up tastes.


Tom Moon said...

Carl Barks - still the greatest comics creator of them all.
Speaking of comics creators, have you guys heard that Mike Mignola is retiring Hellboy to go off and do watercolor paintings?

MrGoodson2 said...

Nice that Barks gets the special anthology treatment. Everyone knew who the good artists was even when Disney didn't allow signed work.

I heard that about Mignola. He sounds like he wants to quit the hard work on comics. Do something he considers a breeze and stressless. Edit and develop comics without doing the actual art. I'll miss his comics. I will get the final compilation of Hellboy in Hell. Haven't bought a single issue to date.

BDMontag said...

Its getting so that we'll need to make a Dienstag Art Group.

Rickart said...

DAG? I guess I can live with that.
I heard about Mignola as well. He does seem like a pretty hard working guy. I dream of retirning and doing paintings in my golden years, but I suspect that it's more likely I'll be a barista at Starbucks. Oh well, at least I'll get free hot chocolate.