Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pushing the Contrast Even More

Running with Rick's Idea I desaturated the back and made it darker. Now we're looking at Laura.
With a tasteful black bar now.

Michel Gagne Flash Anims

Gagne Flash Animations

The insanely Twisted Rabbit guy has these Awesome animations. I find them triple inspiring since I want to do FLash just like this. The awesome power of good sillohuette

My own recent effort to try and understand some of what's going on in the Gagne stuff
I did a quick color pass on Scott's Tomb Raider picture using some of the ideas I presented in the comments section of Scott's last post. Since the image already had color and since I didn't feel like starting from scratch, I did this all with layers on top of the original. Laura herself is probably still a little too light, and overall the whole image is too blue, but there might still be some ideas in there for Scott to work with.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Oh, sure ... you may have heard the rumor that Robert Downey Jr. has been cast in the role of Tony Stark, millionaire industrialist, but the role needs someone with a lighter touch ...

Call John Favreau ... vote now, vote often.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Surf's Up Trailer is Out!

Sony's just released the trailer for "Surf's Up" on the Apple website! Check it out!

Surf's Up Trailer

EDIT: YouTube embedded video for Scott's lameness...

Scott... de COLOR!


In my attempt to find a full time art position I had realized that due to my extended stay in the comic book field I didn't have much color work in my portfolio. So I got on Photoshop and started to fill that gap with a few drawings I had previously done. Here are a couple, let me know what you think. I haven't done much of this so any suggestions would be appreciated. Advice from Jeff will be taken with a grain of salt and any from Ellis, of course, will be outright shunned.

Also, I've posted samples of my portfolio at a website if you ever want to check it out:

(Jeff, sorry I haven't called you back. My Dad's in town and he's about 7% more important to me than you are. I'll call you soon.)

(Ellis, you are king, you know that... well queen at the very least.)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monkey Monkey Monkey

Something Fishy

So I started out with wanting to do a fish type monster, and not much else, and this is what I ended up with. A bit thanks goes to Jeff Murchie, who I consulted with and who had some excellent thoughts about the direction I should go with the bottom half of this guy. He also had the idea of the little sea creatures in the cavities in his body.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Big Foot Sighting

More here....

use the buttons in the upper left to advance, go back.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

new avatar

Neal Adams Skateman

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Big Baby

I may have a few animated gifs coming soon. I'm transferring old video tape to DVD. I came across the one we made of TAG doing animations one night. It also features lots of Skrbbl's stop motion animations. Shel Dorf's Fankenestein momnster with the animated arrow spear. Dave's amorphous happy blob. etc. BunCake's Ariel / Little Miss Moffet.

I'm 53 today. I'm not happy. Don't try and heer me up

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

WIP: "A nazi man with a hat threats a scientist in a watery environment"

Added a new version ... when the next is ready, I'll delete the oldest ...

Here it is as it stands ... My daughter, Felicity, and I worked on the composition while having breakfast last Friday at IHOP before I dropped her off at school. She said that the column of water at center had to have in it a Mutated Oceanic Sea Snail and she worked out on her own that the scientist invented it to eliminate hunger by feeding the world on a French delicacy -- escargot -- and that the nazi wanted it so it could inspire fear at the head of an advancing army. The snail itself ... well, it just wanted to have dinner ... schnakkk!!

Another post will come when it is further along ...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Scott wants a real job.

Hey kids,

I'm now actively looking for a steadier paycheck rather than the piecemeal excitement of freelance so I'm putting the word out to all of you fine upright individuals. I live in the Los Angeles area so if anyone has any leads or ideas about potential work for me as a concept or storyboard artist in video game, film, TV, or whatever field that may apply please let me know. Hell, I'm also STILL looking for freelance as well.

I've included links to my yahoo group sites which include portfolio art and the like:

The fate of a nation depends on me finding regular work. To ignore this message would be un-American... like Jeff Ranjo. Anyways, if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. Ellis is a sack of wilted cheese.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Idea Generator Idea

Here are two good ones that I got. I'll pick one to illustrate:

1. An exposed to atomic radiation boxer vomits an unicorn through a tornado.
8. An in decomposition assassin collects a priest inbetween giant flowers.

Fun for the Sake of Making Fun of Scott

Hey check out this fun internet doo-dad:

Cassette Generator

You can come up with fun things like this!:

Try this one too!

Seal Generator

(too lazy to make one of Scott. Maybe tomorrow)

My Subject for Next Tuesday's Post

This from the "Idea Generator":

"A nazi man with a hat threats a scientist in a watery environment. "

Can't wait to get started ....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My New Drawing Table Gimmick

I hotglued a thin tin plate onto some masonite. Then on my angled drawing board. (held sturdily at the angle by sawed off bike hangers) I clamp a bar and attach super magnets. Now It's sturdy and stable but will rotate readily if I feel like it. The doodle above is the inspired result of this new freedom.

I will do another sketch sometime this week based on my idea generator result...

"A naked mercenary collects a fairy in an attic."

Please don't try and top me. You know this is the one for the ages.

I added a caricature of me done by Gary Meyers. His blogspot is always worth a look...

Another "Pirates" pic

Here's another drawing I did this weekend for the "Pirates of Venus" project. It's a scene towards the end of the film where Princess Duare is rescued from certain ouchies by a Klangan warrior/bird/man/thingy. Carson Napier, the hero, bails out of a fighter with a parachute.

I also tried the "idea generator" from the previous post. I did about 20, here are the best results:

- A lunatic sherpa receives a robot in space.
- An armed building site machine intertwines a child in a sauna.
- A rough journalist burns a bionic mammal on a meteorite base.
- An ethéreal monster hypnotizes a priest in an arena.
- A thundering vampire rocks a priest inbetween giant flowers.
- A flying minotaur cuts a woman with a hat in a bar.
- An abyssal troll hammers a blonde at the top of a mountain.
- A dusty prehistoric man observes a train in a factory.
- A legless african warrior runs towards a pirate in a temple.
- A noble squid informs a robot on top of a chasm.
- A buried ninja tears a child during a live performance.

Idea Generator Thingee

Say ... when I went to the Gnomon Workshop a few months ago, (Dok was also there) two guys from Infogrammes were using a Web-based idea generator to help them put together interesting ideas for their lunchtime art projects. While it isn't perfect, it's fun to see what kinds of results you get. Some of them would, indeed, be fun to art up. Others, alas, are preposterous. And still others are preposterous, but make you laugh (and that's a good thing).

Try out this idea generator thing, then.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The fanciest way to get about in Creton!

This is an example of a posh ride in the town of Creton, where the majority of Creeple live. If you don't know who Creeple are, then you need to have a look at my earliest entries in my Rickart blog.