Saturday, September 30, 2006

I did a quick color pass on Scott's Tomb Raider picture using some of the ideas I presented in the comments section of Scott's last post. Since the image already had color and since I didn't feel like starting from scratch, I did this all with layers on top of the original. Laura herself is probably still a little too light, and overall the whole image is too blue, but there might still be some ideas in there for Scott to work with.

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Mr Goodson said...

Good Pointers Rick. I did my own based on your pointers. As a bandwidth deal i was going to add to your post but I decided against and made my own post. I hope Scott gets work soon. I Also hope he's never my boss. Hey that tip on Cryptic was a good one. They are totally up Scott's alley. He should think about a San Jose change of scene.