Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My New Drawing Table Gimmick

I hotglued a thin tin plate onto some masonite. Then on my angled drawing board. (held sturdily at the angle by sawed off bike hangers) I clamp a bar and attach super magnets. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/ Now It's sturdy and stable but will rotate readily if I feel like it. The doodle above is the inspired result of this new freedom.

I will do another sketch sometime this week based on my idea generator result...

"A naked mercenary collects a fairy in an attic."

Please don't try and top me. You know this is the one for the ages.

I added a caricature of me done by Gary Meyers. His blogspot is always worth a look...



Skribbl said...

It seems like this new setup has boosted your creativity. I think Mr. Buncake might benefit from your new invention. :-P

Davis Chino said...

Wow! The drawings look great. Are you sure it's the table that's making them so good?

Your "table" set-up does indeed look great. How can I convince you to build one for me?