Friday, September 28, 2012


I've just noticed, (after how many years?) that we have ten followers that follow the TAG website.  Rolling over their icons I don't recognize any of them.  Who are they?  Friends of some of you guys?  Random people who found us by accident and like to listen to us talk? WHO ARE DESE GUYS?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'll Explain

left- I think old "Jungle King" has been picking his fights a wee bit cautiously. 
 right - With one uncharacteristic misstep Molecule Boy entered the Sidekick Hall Of Shame.

left- "Collins! I've rethought some of my assumptions about dynamic data retrieval!" 
right- After years of never hoisting his fair share of the load. justice comes Randall's way. 

Some of my ebay sales, people wanted extra bit of random stuff like game promo paper etc. That got me into the dust bunny area of the shelf for archived-in-sleeve ring binders. This is just a bit of some of what I came across. 
One of Jeff Watts first flyers. Me as a gag cartoonist on a strip I called The Underlings.
And a Computer Edge cover. 
All this stuff is about mid late 90s.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Am I Thinking-Anyone Got a A Job For Me?

This Vacate thing.
I'm hard at work packin and sorting.
I realize I have about 10 days before I'm actually booted out by either the Park or the old Lady and her Lawyer.
But that also means I no longer have to live AND WORK close to Culver City.
Anyone with a job in Seattle-San Diego-Burbank-Portland.
I'm available.
Mike Christian. Hook me up with Google.
I can put the stuff in storage and come to work. Come back for it later.
I'm ready for a new horizon.
Actually have a little wiggle coming from Boulder which I hope pans out.
I think my angst and depression are draining a bit.

Gallery Girls sketch I'm trying to sell on Ebay.

UPDATE-I'm in a a wait it out mode. No fire is being effectively lit under me at this time.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012


With the great T.A.G. Comic Book coming due, I've been musing on the potential power of a Ron Thompson contribution. What do you guys think of this sort of layout?

Hopefully this smokes Ron out of hiding. Thompson, we need your contribution!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frankenstein-Fail-Then Clean Up

This version.The Monster was very Wrightson. Just all about bone structur. Very little scarring. It was mainly gray-dead skin color. And the skin texture was crumbly in appearance.. The story was the best I've seen at cramming all the main points from the book into a good film.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Cramps Wedding Anniversary

Been working on some Cramps drawings lately (I know, another bash at early American punk-esque). Came up with this one as a congratulatory opus honoring a friend's 18th wedding anniversary.

The Wyeths Gang Up On Frank Frazetta

Because you love Frazetta so much Ellis...

N.C. Wyeth vs. Frazetta

Andrew Wyeth vs. Frazetta

James Wyeth vs. Frazetta

Christina's World

Monday, September 17, 2012

My SoCal days are limited

I've gone through all the money.
Being threatened with eviction by the woman that holds title to the house.
Preparing for that action to occur.
Going to get a little gas money, pack a light load of my dodgy possessions, and go back to Oklahoma.
I may stay there as long as my Mom has left.
And if I have any juice left, I'll head for Austin. Maybe.
Having juice left is the big question mark.
Not really too depressed by it.
I've been leading a half life for 3 years.
I may get very focused when I get back to OKC.


One of my favorites. Nice size with some color shifts for the poster that I like. Or it might look more like the original. Never seen the original. Click on the image to get the larger view.

It's the Little Things

Saturday, September 15, 2012


They are coming out of the woodwork to celebrate the man.

Here we see him in a snippet from the upcoming family entertainment, "Teen Ellis."
Sorry I couldn't get the whole thing up in time for the date. And, lest ye forget....

 Happy b-day, Ellis!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Film Frame: Spartacus (1960)

Caught the last few minutes of this and just had to sketch something. "You must debase yourself before Rome" (alas, not a quote from this scene).

Ellis, receveived my Goodson art and H.G. Welles' "Time Machine" comic--too bad Toth didn't make an effort to capture Rod Taylor's likeness--they needed Mort Drucker to handle the thing!

And you must keep us updated on your Ellis-y status--use the comments of this post to do so. Caring minds want to know!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Tuesday Post Below...

Didn't want to bump Ellis's Ebay post. A meringue of maroon sketching awaits two steps down the page...

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Some Levity: The Band Wagon (1953)

 It's Tuesday: that means it's T.A.G. day.

 Let me attempt to lighten our mood with some doodles I whittled while watching TCM (with the twin inducements of family coming to stay and the Summer Olympics, we finally broke down and signed up for cable again).

My Grannie and I sat down to watch the old Fred Astaire/Cyd Charisse musical, "The Band Wagon." Lots of laughs and luscious technicolor!
But with Vincente Minelli directing, you'd expect a little more...Freddy's great, and Cyd's megawatt beauty is undeniable--but she's not much of an emotional presence. Worse still, Fred's got no chemistry with her--he was getting to that age where he looks more like Cyd's dad than her "lover" (a situation that descends to pedophiliac levels for Fred in "Daddy Longlegs").

On the plus side, there's Oscar Levant (tho' not enuff of him), and an array of period faces from the theatrical troupe. Also the disturbing "Triplets" number where Fred, ham-bone Jack Buchanan and Nannette Fabray do a dance on their knees dressed as infants (see right, bottom of page).  Strange and cool!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kirby Cover Awesomeness

Here where I re-blogged them

Kind mean to Blogspot to redirect to Tumblr. Tough.
I had so much fun posting that last drawing, I think I'll try another....maybe this tribute to Warren Oates?

(Still don't have him quite right, but what can you do? Besides, y'know, draw better?)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Did I post any stories about this Facebook group called "FREE ART LIBRARY"? I believe Beata or Ranjo nominated me for membership (thanks). Supposed to be a clearing house for links to FREE art lessons, reference, etc., which is a useful thing, fer sure.

But one day early on, the founder suggested we share opinions on famous artists. The thread commenced with an invitation to defend a John Buscema Conan sketch--and before you could say "By the hoary beard of Krom," the discussion devolved into mouth-foaming and invective. (70-plus comments within a few hours befouling my inbox). Oy, vey!

I drew this as a humorous epigram for the whole episode, but didn't have the 'nad to post it.

Holy smokes, it's September. Guess I better get to work on that TAG Comic Book story!!

Monday, September 03, 2012

EBay action figure purge

Getting RID of alot of stuff.....Final PURGE. Check it out or tell you friends.