Monday, September 17, 2012

My SoCal days are limited

I've gone through all the money.
Being threatened with eviction by the woman that holds title to the house.
Preparing for that action to occur.
Going to get a little gas money, pack a light load of my dodgy possessions, and go back to Oklahoma.
I may stay there as long as my Mom has left.
And if I have any juice left, I'll head for Austin. Maybe.
Having juice left is the big question mark.
Not really too depressed by it.
I've been leading a half life for 3 years.
I may get very focused when I get back to OKC.


Tom Moon said...

Well Ellis, I hope going back to Oklahoma doesn't mean you will stop posting on TAG. Or that we will never see you in person again during Comic Con week. Come to think of it, for all the times I've seen you in the past ten years or so, you might have been living in Outer Mongolia for all I knew. How much family do you have in Oklahoma? What kind of work is there? I hope you find what you're looking for!

MrGoodson2 said...

Exactly Tom. All my contact is internet anyway. There's no work in Oklahoma. I'll focus on the ability to move to Austin while I hole up at Mom's house. And I will definitely continue posting. Just like all the other far flung Tag members that still post. California was fun. I'm glad I took my whole social anxiety act on the road at age 30 and got another whole creative life tacked onto my previous Okie life. Almost 29 years worth. Gotta lot of inventory reduction to do. There's an outside chance the property owner cuts me some slack. But she seems somewhat aggro about the whole thing. I just hope it's the 30 day type vs the 3 day type.

Tom Moon said...

Errr... what exactly does that mean, "I took my whole social anxiety act on the road at age 30... etc." ?

MrGoodson2 said...

I was about 33 or 34 when I started work at Blue Sky. I had a couple of other jobs after getting to San Diego in Christmas 1985. So I was 32 for a few months when I got to SoCal. The social anxiety was what kept me from looking for the sort of work I wanted up until that point. But I did it, broke out, had this whole other life of digital creativity to ride along with. Good timing when you think about it. Amiga 8 bit on up and beyond.

MrGoodson2 said...

Aggro example of title to me...

"Ellis: You are missing the point. I require every possible means of communicating with you. At this moment, I have some sympathy for your plight. But if you keep aggravating me, I will become indifferent or maybe even vindictive. This is not a situation where you get to dictate the rules. Send me your phone number.

Ellis, you know as well as I do that for a small fee I can get information about you that dates back to your birth. You can do the same re me. We are all public. Please don't disrespect me. I am not really nice when I am insulted.

You know the law as well as I do. If you are in violation of a real estate contract, you are going to be evicted. Think about it."

I'd say I was doomed wouldn't you?

MrGoodson2 said...

I don't want to talk to her. I want all my communication to be nicely reasoned emails. I don't trust my temper on a phone call. I don't like phone calls. But she wants that phone number.

MrGoodson2 said...

She's approximately 100 years old and richer than Solomon.

Tom Moon said...

You can give her your number; you just don't have to answer the phone if you don't feel like it. What have you been telling her as far as why you don't want to give out your number?

Tom Moon said...

Is she an art fan? Maybe she will take a painting in place of rent money.

Hey, September 14th is your birthday, isn't it?

MrGoodson2 said...

September 14th. 59 years old.

I've been telling her...

"Ms ________

I don't want to be hostile.

But I don't trust my intent to be cool to remain in place in the back and forth of a phone conversation.

I've already had revisions, deletions, edits to this email that wouldn't have occurred in phone conversation.

I hope you see there is nothing you can't ask that I can't answer via email.

Ellis Goodson"

See how sane I am in email format.

MrGoodson2 said...

I gave her my skype number. Nothing good will come of this.

Tom Carroll said...

We should all give her our own phone numbers ... Just to shield you, Ellis.

I am not quite in the same boat, but we've been living in a house for more than a year where we haven't paid the mortgage. Luckily our house is too insane to be valuable on the open market.

Just today I got a phone call to go in and do an in-person interview at Sprouts, the grocery store. I hope I can get into the deli instead of stocking or bagging.

If you want, I'll relate how degrading it was after training and testing at San Diego's own Legend 3D. Sheesh, what a bunch of ... well, I was going to say clowns, but that's a disservice to clowns everywhere.

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom C, Sorry to hear about the Legend 3D. These guys that are doing the 3d work must not be great employers. I also applied at a Burbank place doing that work. I got the vibe of constant turn around. Then I talked to a kid that worked for Stereo 3D where I applied. He was in line for a portfolio review at CTN. He was being laid off. I guess that's their other technique. Man up , work you hard. lay you off.

I'm going to get word back in a couple of weeks whether social security will start early payments.

By virtue of the lung condition making me unemployable. Also added on the fact I had a stroke this past winter. Mild one that forced me to figure out a couple of things on my own about blood pressure. I'm off salt. Impossible to cut out salt entirely.

I may still have to move to Oklahoma, but at least if I have the social security, I can contribute to supplies and maintenance.

This woman, if she puts me out with like some brutal 3 day sheriff's note. She'll inherit a termmite infested square of particle board that's not worth 10k to any rational being. Where a monthly payment is expected for the space it takes up.

I'd like to submarine her and find some sort of government distress type of loan that paid her off. I think I'll discuss some things with BofA Monday.

It's 4 am. I can't sleep. Made an inventory of a bunch of books I'll see if I can get some fast cash for at the comic book store. My Mignola hardcovers. Wrightson's Frankenstein. Bunch of other good stuff. You eventually realize that your highly prized book collections are like stored junk if you never look at them. I see their spines every day. But that's it.
I'm going to end this insomnia episode by scanning a couple of books. Adding them to the ebay effort.
I've got a Sprouts close by. Every thing is an online application. And there is the degradation of this personality test that never seems to end. Where you have to lie through your teeth about how ever present your efficiency concerns would be on the job. All for what my brother always called "pud" work.

Tom Moon said...

Ellis, are you receiving Medi-Cal benefits? If you have had a stroke due to high blood pressure you need meds.

Benjamin. said...

Oh no!

Not the end of your creative work, I hope.

Didn't know medical conditions had such an effect on employment.

JMG said...

It's been tough hasn't it. Looking back at the last 3.5 years it's been more ugly for us older guys (35+) than some younger ones. I've fared better than I thought but it's still uncertain no matter which way you turn. I'm employed until the end of Feb 2013 (Fingers crossed) maybe more will follow, I I'm hopeful but that may not go as long. Liquidating what I can on EBay, not as much as I hoped but it's better than nothing and I need to move it before the bottom falls out and no one has money. Clock ticking!!!! Just turned 50 even though I don't look it, I feel it. Need to or try to get as much medical done while I'm employed as well as pay off my remaining debt, buy the last of my computer upgrades to be completely self sufficient. But the fact is the bottom has fallen out on this art business where one has to depend on companies for full time work. It just isn't there like to use to be. Just look at the grind that is Legend 3D or the recent layoffs at Popcap and others. Not cool. Even doing your own thing is a shaky deal if the public doesn't buy it. Not everybody has a million dollar idea regardless of what they may think. You can try but livelihood is dependent on the consumer and they too are a finicky bunch. Like catching lighting in a bottle. Yet all one can do is try. It's been an eye opener for sure. Looking at a saltine cracker as if it was a banquet is not the way I want to go out. All I can say is I now see the time I've wasted and believing the party was going to go on forever. Those who still got good very thankful, you don't want to be where some of are, cuz things can turn on a dime. Sorry things down turned for you Ellis. Okie land is booming I hear, I don't know what in but I can bet it's low pay from what we are accustom to here. Maybe you can find a contract gig at the AF Base, they still employ most of the state. I could still be there if the bureaucratic monkeys hadn't killed my job those 20+ years ago. Keep us posted on your situation as you can,

Benjamin. said...

Why don't they hire older folks?

Beata said...

Ellis, you miserable ƒ#¢%ing bastard!!!
This has made me very upset, and very unhappy.

Don't answer any phone calls from aggro-bitch.
Let's talk soon, please ... via e-mail.

JMG said...

There is age discrimination out there, it can't be proven but the number of older workers out of work is much higher. Plus older people cost more..especially in health insurance cost. And it doesn't help when you staff the HR department with 20 somethings' Lucky I got into a place that the average age is 43+ for most of the workers.

MrGoodson2 said...

Beata - I'll drop you a line later today.

Jim, thanks for the Tinker AFB idea.

Benjamin-I'm only as unemployable as my age and my conditions make me to employers. That is my current situation I've submitted to Social Security, that I can't get past the screen for age and pre-existing conditions.

Tom- I will be investigating the other medicaid stuff. It was a mild stroke. Just took about a week to get over most of it. Got out of bed, fell into one wall. pushed off it, fell into another wall. Like I had got off a playground merrygoround. Right leg still has a shooting pain path in it.

Didn't blind me. Dad had a blinding stroke well before he died. Mom is currently partially blind from stroke.

You know what. Being old is supposed to suck. I wish I had been excluded from the club but I'm better off than God knows how many people these days.

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom Moon. You are the rock of stability around here.
Would you, in the event of my eviction and subsequent retreat, like to have a last look at me?
I would like to drop off, with you, pre-boxed, about 10 large flat rate boxes. These babies, no matter their weight, cost 11 bucks to ship.
I would be feeding you 100 bucks at a time, so I'm not tripping you to death. Probably two trips to USPS.
These boxes are about magazine dimensions on x and y. 14 by 12. And about 6 inches deep. Not too hefty.
Also, a cornucopia of free books. Free comics. etc Discard or library trip
the rest. They will also be boxed. The ones I want will be addressed. And sealed.
What do you say? Got the room around the garage for them?

MrGoodson2 said...

Right now doing some more ebay prep. Try to get rid some some big ticket numbers. Are you a PopEye fan Tom? I'll give you the first two outsize volumes of the fantagraphics Popeye.

Tom Moon said...

Thanks for the offer of the Popeye books Ellis, but I already own them. As for the rest, I'm afraid that my own collection of just about everything: toys, comics, books etc. has reached the saturation point. I have to periodically cull the herd in order to make room for the new stuff I keep buying. Thanks though.

MrGoodson2 said...


Someday I'll have to learn to write and also communicate.

I was asking if you could be my re-shipper and storage guy.

I would have about 10 or 15 boxes of books I'd hate to give away or leave behind.

These boxes would take up too much room and gas money for the long haul back to OKC.

I'm actually asking you to ship them to me when I paypal you the money at a later date.

Beata said...

Ellis, why give those comics away when you could be selling them at the Fest here in October? Better yet, have someone sell them for you while you make money in Artists Alley.

Every single one of you incredibly talented TAGsters should be signing up for that, or submitting pieces for the Art Show/Sale (which I'm running).

The Dealers' Room is now completely booked, but at today's meeting they decided to open up a row of individual guest rooms to be used similarly. Talk to me, guys!

MrGoodson2 said...

I have something of a deadline sept 18th with title lady. I'd love to be there. Maybe make some money.
But I may have been booted out by the sheriff by then

Tom Moon said...

Heh, thanks for the re-explanation Ellis. So you are saying that you have 10 or 15 boxes full of books that you want to keep, and shipping them at 11 bucks each is going to cost $110-$165? Do I have that right?

Davis Chino said...

Holy crap, I go away from this blog for a couple days and the sky caves in.

Ellis, your situation sounds unendurably heavy. There's a resilience that's coming thru in yr comments here that's more than admirable. But yikes, this is some serious sh*t.

If the housing situation is past saving, a regroup with family sounds like a good plan.

I feel terrible about all this. If there's something we can do, please let us know. We are moving back to Irvine in the next month. If I was down there now, I'd try to help out (not that that's much use to you...).

Stay strong and keep us advised. And I'm serious about help. Is your truck checked-out for the long trip to OK/TX? I have mechanic pals in the area who can help. Email me.

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom, I've re thought it. I don't need anything I can't ship or take now. So I'm good. Going down and back to San Diego would burn 50 bucks of gas. Don't want the miles or the expense of that.

Marty. The car should be good. I still have triple a. I've been babying it. I'll check the spare, get the pressure right all around and head out when it's time. Thanks for the mechanic offer. And your support in general.

MrGoodson2 said...

This may become my living when I relocate.Doing art like this and bringing in just a smidge of cash.

Surly Bird said...

Just read this. Oh man. Ellis, wish i was down there so I could offer some assistance. Please contact me and let me know if there is something I can do for you.

MrGoodson2 said...

Ronnie, Thanks a lot. I know you'd help me. This may actually be the best thing that could possibly happen. I've had opportunity galore. Blown all of it. But at least had the opportunity. Like you, I didn't stay accept my geography, moved where I needed to go.
Actually was interrupted on this post by contact with social security call coming off of hold.
I will know in October if I will get the disability. And according to the web page calculation, I can live on what that benefit would be.

So, maybe I'm not out yet. Fingers crossed

MrGoodson2 said...

Tom, Here's an Ebay Item you might enjoy looking at

Tom Moon said...

I finally got around to stopping jiu-jitsu about a year ago. I keep intending to go back, but so far haven't found the energy. It's just so good to go home at night and watch T.V. instead.

During the course of all this posting I've been remembering how you introduced me to Roy Harris almost 20 years ago and how we used to "rassle" on cardboard laid down on the BlueSky carpets. Good times. Funny how everyone is spread out all over the country now. Why doesn't time ever flow backwards?

Davis Chino said...

Even more fun than doing the rasslin' was watching it. Still remember spontaneous bout between you (Tom) and Rob Cuenca.

Good news about the disability, El! Keep plugging away at that. Let us know if we can help.

p.s. don't mean to harp, but be sure you got an oil change on that bad-by before any epic road trip. Checking the trans fluid not a bad idea, either....

MrGoodson2 said...

Yep. I wish I had wrestled in high school. No going back. Glad I did a little rassling with you Tom. It gave me a much more educated eye for the MMA stuff.
Marty. I will take some steps before heading out. I'll use some ebay money for a quick garage visit.

Tom Moon said...

I remember wrestling at various times, Dobratz, Kunkler and Tennappel, but I don't remember wrestling Cuenca. I remember we kick-boxed once.

MrGoodson2 said...

Hey, Marty, Blair. You're the best. Got some shipping to do.

Davis Chino said...

No rush on the shipping, El--we're just safe-keeping 'em for ye.

Tom, you don't remember the Cuenca brawl?? We were still on the first floor at Bluesky, a big group of us milling about the far corner cube (opposite end of the space as your office with Dobratz)(next to the kitchen--remember?). Everyone was just socializing--want to say it was around quittin' time, or we were all about to go somewhere or just back from somewhere, and you two leapt into a spontaneous but good-natured tussle that shocked me for the swiftness of it violence.

We all cheered you guys on.

And you won.

But it was all smiles--just manful play on the Bluesky carpet. A priceless memory.

Benjamin. said...

Hope it stays up tonight. I should know by tomorrow around noon if I have enough.

(Wouldn't mind if somebody else gets it, just seeing what happens.)

Benjamin. said...

Noon my time of course, EST.

MrGoodson2 said...

Just back from a walk to Staples. Got the perfect padded mailers. Thanks again Marty.

Tom could have had a career in MMA if the sport had rolled around 10 years earlier.

Rickart said...

Hey gang... I posted the other day, but it was in my ArtistsTAG login, which doesn't have commenting permission on this blog, so I guess it didn't take.

As with all of your other friends who have posted here, I'm prepared to lend what feeble help I can from distant Seattle.

I am truly thankful for the work I've found... I know that I'm very lucky. I would love to take credit for being a shrewd guy and moving from the 3D PC game world to casual 2D games, but the truth of the matter is that I've been fortunate enough to have stumbled into the transition as it was happening with no forethought of where it would lead. It's mostly the luck of the draw and sometimes it's a good hand and sometimes not so much. Perhaps your luck will improve with a change of scene.

I found the TAG blog was my lifeline during my time in MA... please please please continue to post on the TAG blog!

MrGoodson2 said...

Rick, absolutely. It might be the only thing I do all day is post on the Tag blog if I end up moving to OKC.

I'm thinking things are looking up. Talking to Social Security, using their calculator, I think I'd be fine.

And I also think the title woman is quite willing to wait to hear about the Social Security decision. She would be much better off keeping me on my obligation vs putting me out and trying to sell something that depreciates very badly.

Manufactured houses.

Rick you got everything you deserve. You're focused, no nonsense, you get the job done.

Davis Chino said...

(Ellis to Rick, cont.)

...In short, you're Creeple.

MrGoodson2 said...

Yes. What Marty said.

Beata said...

Ellis, that's great news about your Social Security!
I sure hope it allows you to stay in SoCal.

MrGoodson2 said...

"September 13, 2012

Dear Ellis:

We have received your application for the position of TOYS"R"US/BABIES"R"US - OFF HOURS STOCK CREW-25812. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider your application at this time. However, we will retain your candidate profile in the database and may contact you if your qualifications match any future job opportunities.

We thank you for your interest in Toys"R"Us, Inc., and wish you all the best in your job search.

Best regards,

Human Resources Department
Toys"R"Us, Inc."

Dodged that bullet.

Tom Moon said...

Think of the toys you could have liberated and given a good home to.

Davis Chino said...

Ellis... (shakes head in commiseration).

Glad you are keeping us updated via this thread. I keep checking it for just that reason.

Lewis Hall said...

You know your friends will be there for you should know I will. Anything that you need as far as moving or storing just give me a buzz. I am always free to help and drive anywhere you need. Not exactly sure what you mean about cutting inventory but whatever it means I can help in many ways. Just let me know what you ever need

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Lewis. I'll add a post here late this evening. The title owner and I have a conversation scheduled for 6 this evening. It may be interesting.
She has already conveyed that she is not rich. That being a relative perception anyway, I'll take her word for it. That the flow of my "mortgage" hurts her. It is my obligation.
This what she has in store for the conversation to come...

"Hi Ellis: I have come to realize that I can't carry this situation indefinitely. Taxes and insurance are both coming up shortly. The burden will be too great for me.

Recently, you wrote that you half wish to be evicted so you can return to Oklahoma. I have an idea that will help facilitate that wish, and is a win-win solution."

So, if she's genius enough to devise win-win, I will want to hear about it.
Calling tonight.

MrGoodson2 said...

$1250 cash to vacate, no legal, no foreclosure.

I don't trust her. I think she's a super sharp usurer that does this 10 times a year. I might be wrong.

But she gave me that 1250 number as take it or leave it.

And I'm in a position of total weakness.

Lot of work to do. Lot of library donations. A lot of reducing things to tote-able volumes.

I have about 90 percent crap. Some of it recovered from give away on the curb. The next step up from a dumpster dive. But I have 10 percent with some value.

MrGoodson2 said...

I'm going to try and find a small storage area, stuff it with books and stuff I may want again someday. Try and service that fee from long distance. Come for it all someday.

MrGoodson2 said...

Bah. That's the hoarder talking. Discard, donate, lighten up.

Tom Moon said...

So you are leaving for Oklahoma? No hope that Social Security will come through?

Tom Moon said...

I saw that there was new news so I pushed your status post back up to the top.

MrGoodson2 said...

Things are brewing.

Basically, the Title Woman is calling me out. Either take 1250 to vacate or get nothing but grief from a legalese-force out with penalty. Blah blah.

But the semi deadline for that was today. The "take it or leave it" from last night was something I was supposed to have an answer for today.

So instead, in reaction to bullying, I went to bofa and tried to get a little re-fi-re-structure happening.

Very, very unlikely. But I wanted to do a little something besides roll up when kicked.

But, I also have something that might be happening on the employment front. Don't even want to jinx that by talking it up.

That would involve relocation.

And if I get that, I'd want that 1250 and to put the old shack totally behind me without any attachment to it.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting.

Wish me luck. I'm not even sure what I want most. New Job, New State. Or new loan, wait for possible social security cash flow.

I tossed a coin.

No I didn't.

New loan would be what I really want.

Lewis Hall said...

I have near unlimited storage space. Building a new garage and expanding the loft in the old gararge soon

MrGoodson2 said...

Hmm. Lewis. You got me thinking Seattle. I'll have to see if Boulder Colo plays out.

So this is an offer of free storage?

MrGoodson2 said...

She's turned it over to her lawyer. I'm screwed.
I should have taken her money and left

Lewis Hall said...

I have limited internet time while I am visiting. No wireless here. I was also out camping so I missed your post. ALWAYS free Ellis. Of course, whether it is possible depends on how much you have. I hate to see you part with anything that means something to you or would make the future easier. If it comes to that we can talk. You may need to make a hasty escape so contact me with anything that is on your mind and we may be be able to work something out.How much stuff do you have? U-Haul size or pickup/car size? This would probably be your last resort because I am so far away. I would imagine your mom has tons of garage space now.

Lewis Hall said...

Yes, always free Ellis.One would think that the garage in OKC would be big enough to hold just about anything but if you need short or long term storage I should be able to accommodate you plus me having the time to help you move if you need it

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Lewis. I'll communicate with you via email as well. You're right, I have all my storage needs met by OKC garage. By the time I go (if I go) it will be just what fits in a toyota tacoma. I'm liberating myself from stuff that will be junk when I'm dead anyway. Just threw awa a huge piece of electronics. A player a friend/coworker of mine sold me on 15 years ago. It played sega cds, sgea genesis, and laser disks. Haven't used it but once in 8 years. Big thump in the dumpster. Feels good.