Thursday, September 27, 2012



Tom Moon said...

So did Bill Handel give you any reason that you should tell your landlord to "pound sand"? Did he say your rights were being violated somehow? What did you do, call in to his show?

MrGoodson2 said...

Called into the Handel show. It may show up eventually. I'll listen Saturday morning. I'll tell you if they have podcast recording.

The main legal reason, I am on the document as owner, like any mortgage.

The eviction the lendor has in mind is not do-able. She was running the equivalent of a bluff for her benefit.

I just made 1000 plus bucks selling old sketchbooks. I'm going to pay the old woman for September and go straight into arrears for October in a couple of days.

But something may happen with social security by then.

I will then start making web comics.

Using Tumblr as my delivery system so I can integrate animated gifs into miscellaneous panels.

Tom Moon said...

Ah that's interesting. Guess I didn't understand your housing arrangement. I've never heard of that type of thing before. So this woman lent you money to buy your house?

Tom Moon said...

And wait a minute... you are only one month behind in your payments and the woman wants to evict you?

MrGoodson2 said...

Yep. Coming up on one month. She's budegting for me, all sorts of BS has gone on.. Now that she has turned over all contact to her lawyer things have calmed considerably. No threats, no predictions of financial reputation ruination.

Tom Moon said...

Well then, tell her to go pound sand.

Tom Moon said...

... but leave the shotgun at home.

Davis Chino said...

Yes, leave the shotgun at home!

El, that's good news about your situation. Things are looking up. I'm in San Diego, I'll try to email soon.

Tommy! Man, I'm in yr city for the weekend!