Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'll Explain

left- I think old "Jungle King" has been picking his fights a wee bit cautiously. 
 right - With one uncharacteristic misstep Molecule Boy entered the Sidekick Hall Of Shame.

left- "Collins! I've rethought some of my assumptions about dynamic data retrieval!" 
right- After years of never hoisting his fair share of the load. justice comes Randall's way. 

Some of my ebay sales, people wanted extra bit of random stuff like game promo paper etc. That got me into the dust bunny area of the shelf for archived-in-sleeve ring binders. This is just a bit of some of what I came across. 
One of Jeff Watts first flyers. Me as a gag cartoonist on a strip I called The Underlings.
And a Computer Edge cover. 
All this stuff is about mid late 90s.


Davis Chino said...

That Computer Edge cover really sends me, a lot of BlueSky talent graced the front of that publication!

MrGoodson2 said...

Freelance artists. Supplementing that BlueSky salary.
Web stuff needs to come up with rigid roll outs for all new content. Instead of the half-new, the old-old.
It should be all new and archives. That way the freelancer gets a showcase that lasts a couple of days. Bring back editorial spot illustration!