Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Not Giving Up...

...on trying to contribute to this blog.

Bought that McGinnis book, "The Art of Robert E. McGinnis" and it's good, but after flipping thru the entire thing I wound up liking him less than before I picked it up. His best stuff is great, but the cumulative effect was to show up the weaker, more pro-forma work.

His best stuff has such a fresh look, with interesting textures. His later, more over-rendered stuff, loses a lot of that. But I love his girls. He nails that 60's/early 70's Playmate type of body.

So I copied some and then did my own doodles in his vein (sorta)....

p.s. I did shrink the head on that top brush pen sketch...SO SUE ME!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Going to see this tonight at 7:30

Figured I'd post these here too

From the Drink and Doodle Jeff and I attended at the Fox Sports Bar over at the Hilton during SDCC.
Did these out under the HOT sun on their patio UGH! That was torture

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mew World Con doodles.

Muji pen, copic markers.
Done while sitting around at New World comic Con.
I made about 250 bucks.
You guys probably spent 250 bucks at SDCC.
And had more fun spending the money.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Old expriment using invert to ink

Going over pencil drawings where I want dark using invert. 
Kinda cool when the sketchy pencils are inverted as light lines.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coin Toss- new short video

I did this in photoshop. Which makes it akin to after effects light.
Same sort of timeline work area. Just a less robust menu for FX. But since I love photoshop and know it pretty well, it's a ton of fun to play with video. 

Lots of potential for planning out rotoscoping.

I did go into iMovie. Added some of my favotite themes. And a Wilhelm scream. No. Two Wilhelm screams.

(Got rid of the one with less sound)

Saturday, July 09, 2016

TAG Comic Con Gathering

For those who missed it on Facebook

Looking to have dinner on Thursday night, Place and time to be determined

Friday, July 08, 2016

Car Art

I know I have no standing to ask for a lift from my long-neglected TAG brethren--I have seen some of the wondrous work on here over the last few months (Ellis! Tom Moon!! Young Jimmy Bakshi Gorham!) and each time I tell myself I need to dive back in and make amends and catch up...and the guilt just piles up. Haven't felt good about it. I haven't been happy with my self or my art. Been meaning to post some of the work I did for students last semester, but, by the time I got thru it all I was wiped out, and then I got a job to do some illustrations for a car mag and I was really hopped-up on that, and now I've spent the last five weeks on it AND IT'S STILL NOT DONE and I am freaking. It's not looking at all like I thought. So in a purely selfish bid to bolster myself I am posting a couple of images here in the hope you guys can offer your erstwhile friend a little constructive criticism and moral support.

Like I said--no excuse.

Enworld- Busts of Races

Thumbnails. The challenge will be the stony look.
How a sculptor has to get tricky with depicting flimsy things like leaves.
Onward to photoshop

PNG format
Half-Elf talking to birds.
line art
Very odd. I was completely done on this and realized I changed my approach. Working with color from the start instead of colorizing a grayscale. Weird mental hiccup. Would have been better to start as a grayscale.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016