Friday, June 19, 2015

Turner Falls

I've been there a few times as a kid.
Maybe later this summer I'll go again.
After sanity resumes.

T-Shirt Graphic

original image from the internet

Image given filtering and masking to make it a good fit as a t shirt graphic

Creatures done with photoshop's pen tool.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rolling Stoned

Remember that time the Rolling Stones and their manager walked into Hollywood Sport Cars (the L.A. Ferrari dealer) and ordered two Ferrari's each?

Working in progress....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

You've seen it- So you want to be a comic book artist?

I'll post the text of what Brian Churilla had to say about a career as a comic book artist in the comments.

With pie charts!
SKTCHD Survey: The Life of a Comic Book Artist

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The imac does the scans- and it works when it has a mind to

"Test" for a maybe job doing some character design.

Just sold my model 36- SW 38.
Above is my image of myself with it in a shoulder holster.

I'm all caught up on Game of Thrones. 
I think I drew these images while doing that catch up.
They got me!
Got the imac to work long enough to scan a couple of things.
Installing some updates that are taking an eternity and may not install.
I'm hoping to jolt the system, make it stable enough to accept a re-install of its old OS.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Graduate Commish

A commission from an old high school friend--for her son's college graduation (gulp!). I get too tight on these, and over-elaborate...but I like to imagine it could work for a 60's era movie poster.

Sorry I've been so irregular on here. Have to listen to Ellis's latest pod ASAP!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Nonplayer 2 is out!

TAG North alum Nate Simpson has finally produced Nonplayer, issue 2.  The first issue came out 4 years ago... in the meantime he broke his arm in a bike accident, which put him way behind almost from the get-go.  He's a one man band on this book... writes, draws, inks (digital) and colors the thing all on his own.  It's crazy good scifi with art that can stand next to the best of the European comic creators.  The best 3 bucks you'll spend this year!

Friday, June 05, 2015

New - Old- Laying around

Just adding new images so people checking on the blog have new stuff to look at.
I'm going to work on a new iMovie cut of The Hobo's Bindle tonight.

Artists for the series include Mikel Janin, Stephen Mooney, Guillermo Ortego and Juan Castro, with inks by Jonathan Glapion and colors by Jeromy Cox.   Andrew Robinson provides the cover for the collected edition.  
People some Tagsters know.
I know Andrew and Jeremy.

More Hobo's Bindle versions
I had to dive back in and do some slight changes. It’s still the same cut but better titles. 

A little spruce here and there. But mainly the soundtrack is reattached to a higher rez version that got lost in some of my composite actions to get the other cut.

So this is higher rez and the export is done through iMovie. You might notice some of the “happy” accidents I get with sound.  Chris repeating “whatever “ as Dave walks off. That was me trying to patch a hole in the soundtrack.  Same with John saying“Any” during Chris’s reaction shot.

And as an extra bonus- what it would have looked like in color

But I’ll leave the original. It’s already had 74 views. Maybe people navigating to it will chance upon these better versions.
If I wanted to send someone to view it now, I’d send them the link to the new version.

And...Watch me do pull ups.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Elements 13 works great- Podcast 69

And another podcast. We phonily discuss the shoot for Hobo's Brindle ( we just stopped for 10 seconds and faked our reactions to what occurred the next day.)
This makes me appreciate the effort Marty puts into his personal commission work.
This kind of stuff kicks my butt. I'll post the color version here as well.
Things were going dandy. Then the iMac started to slow down.
I suspect that using PURGE on photoshop did something to it. Of course I only started using PURGE after the computer slowed down to PC 286 speeds.
It may be the Imac 's last hurrah. I hope not.

It won't boot past the apple right now. Can't get to it to mess with and fix it.

The painting was going OK. I used reference pictues and then filtered them 1. with brush strokes- 2. with cut out. Gave me a nice limited color swatch selection to play with.

The finish. Done partially with Elements 13 and the monoprice tablet.
My commissioner may acquire CS6 for me.
If he does that, he gets a freebie commission. Definitely.

Field tested the new pen for the old monoprice graphic tablet.
Worked great. The drawing is nothing but messing for a solid half hour.  Lots of other imagery went before this doodle. The pen now works and keeps working.

Elements 13 installed- Success!

Dabbled enough to know this will behave and give me everything I'd want from photoshop cs2.
I need a better tablet for input.
For my needs the cheaper bamboo tablet might be just fine. 
The monoprice would be fine if it would work. 
It quits, Then won't begin again. 
Can't have that.
The fellow I did the Supergirl series for wants this more grounded in reality piece.
It's more difficult than Supergirls.
I'll retrace and finish this today.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Commission- Close to finish

I found this drawing very difficult to arrive at.