Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Project For the Next Couple Of Months. You Guys Can Help

I'm going to take my rough storyboards I did for the pitch about the Junkyard dogs and turn it into a comic book. I'll be using that Wahl technique of printing the rough blue and inking something finished. I'll give you guys some details on the dag characters and maybe some of you could take a pass on character design. The premise, it used to be a single dog, it was around the explosion that killed Pop, the junkyard owner, and the dog was rebuilt as two dogs, both with bionic parts. That may be all I should do, not share my own version. I want ideas, what goes through your heads when you think of half robot dogs. I'll post panels as I do them. Maybe on my blog instead of this one.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Mustard ...

Free Models!

Want a free model to build? Check this out:

Just print these out on card stock, get out your zacto knife and get to work. I guy at the office has made one of the airships and it's a beauty!

Also, I have a "Dev Diary" that was posted on the LOTRO website yesterday:[module]=article&pagebuilder[display_item]=115

There are some drawings and objects that I've made for the game. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see a game artist in its natural habitat!

Flintsones and a Duck

For the Barney Rubble=Joe Pesci alternate universe fans
And a Duck

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Creative Session Preview (Mr. Mustard)

As always, the day prior to the Rockstar Creative Session is a Tuesday, so I post what I'm working on for that session. In this case, it is a series of concepts sketches of a character called "Mr. Mustard." He is involved in the inciting incident for a novel I'm writing called "The Transdimensioners." Here is the paragraph I have (so far) that first describes Mr. Mustard:

"Ever the word meister, Hank believes calling Mr. Mustard’s face long is a disservice to the word long. Stretched out, lean, augmented, elongated, extended don’t really do it, either. He feels that the adjective hasn’t been invented that accurately describes the length of his mug. If the length of an ordinary person’s face was an hour, Mr. Mustards would be a full work day, work through lunch, plus overtime. Hank’s friend Jeremy maintains that Mr. Mustard’s face and hands have a leathery quality as though they had been bronzed by heat of hundreds of tropical suns, but just like Hank, Jeremy is prone to exaggeration. All in all, Mr. Mustard’s darkened skin blends nicely with the golden tone of his suit and hat, and even his shoes. Everything about Mr. Mustard is gold or yellow.

"And that’s why Hank and Jeremy started calling him Mr. Mustard."

There will be three more unique sketches by tomorrow and perhaps one that I've dressed up a bit in Photoshop. More postings after the session!

Sharkman Source

Here is the Kirby Sharkman splashpage I lifted.

I don't want you guys to think I'm taking any credit from the King.

I'm trying to copy the inking style, and the archaic anatomy; but you can see my ink lines are a lot less parallel, and my lower leg, ankle and foot anatomy is actually an improvement over the original--though I like the original much more!

Having learned so much dry anatomy, I now find myself wowed by the simple charms of an impossibly twisted tibia. Unfortunately, I was too timid to maintain the hyper-stylized shape of the female's feet in my version. I would have preferred she look more like the Kirby, more bizzare and elfin....

(This splashpage image came from The Jack Kirby Collector--they were doing a survey of the Simon & Kirby 1940 {!} "Vision" run in Marvel Mystery--a comic book done for Timely Comics, apparently before the dawn of the Marvel Comics imprint.)


Monday, June 26, 2006

Chris Wahl Draws Using His Mind ONLY!

Okay, maybe not with ONLY his mind. I think a computer was involved somehow.

You can check out more goodness here:

  • Chriswahlart

  • Drawings and a few other videos too!

  • The top secret secrets of Chris Wahl. You must kill yourself after looking at this.
  • The Indomitable Jimmy Bowles

    I am working on my comic form. I have filched this image from a Jack Kirby splashpage from the year 1940! Jimmy Bowles, Sharkfighter is my new character, and I couldn't resist redoing this great, early Kirby image with my boy Jimmy as the protagonist.

    I am really intrigued by that early Kirby style, and the style of inks that his pencil got back then; the drawings are kind of primitive, the inks are done with brushes, and it's all a great premonition of the Silver Age done in a Golden Age style.(And that's about as much comics history as I know.)

    I am trying to learn how to ink in this odd style. It's a chaotic image, and I like that, but my version would benefit greatly from patches of color/tone to help group things visually.

    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Waiting in Line at Starbucks

    Fill in your own caption. Even heroes need some caffeine from time to time. I tried to mimic Tom's style a bit, but I think my own style intrudes too much.

    Friday, June 23, 2006

    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    While Watching Lake Placid

    I did the drawing with a gray marker and did my inking with a pigma brush. I scanned it in color and selected the grey color and filled it with white to get rid of it and then pushed contrast and brightness to get rid of the rest. Photoshop color after that. All done before Lake Placid was over.

    Monday, June 19, 2006

    This Guy Does a Drawing Every Day


  • Yongwoo, a friend at work, gave out this link to His friends Blog. I asked about his process, how he used the 90 minutes he allots himself to do the drawings. Apparently it's minutes for a very rough thumbnail and the rest of the time is doing the finished inking. Thought I'd try that myself. Sometime.

    How do you make something an active link?

    Edit: Hey Ellis! Fixed! Go back and edit your post and look at the code I added. Just copy that in a clipboard or something and just paste and change the http address...voila! --Jeff

    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006



    Another in that story series.

    Pencil, pen, wash and pshop.

    It's all about the illusion of...

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Tuesday Doodle, Conquistador

    playing around in photoshop

    Face-doodles from a meeting

    Just a few sketches ... the more cartoonish ones were from playing with shapes (something I see all of youse guize doing all the time). Work, work, work ... learn, learn, learn ...

    Good call, Ellis ... I added another photoshop'd image accentuating that aspect (though I really suspect it has a lot to do with the one character's string tie and vest more than anything).

    Music hath charms...

    Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.
    - William Congreve

    This link brought to you from an old pal of (some of) ours... Mr. Sam Powell!

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Back & Smacked

    To "mark" my return to our happy little online community, I wanted to get some felt-tip fun going. I think the funniest element is in the names; "The Model Aryan" versus "Sweet Lad of Liberty."

    Vote now for your favorite online.

    The ear on Sweet Lad is crappy--I was trying to make it turn in, as though the force of the blow had flipped the outside edge forward, showing us the backside. I'll work on it.

    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    Pack of Wolves

    So this is kinda weird...
    I started drawing wolves just for fun... don't know why. Then a work related task came across my desk at the office so I ended up working on some wolf assets just when I was already drawing wolves at home. Strange, huh?

    Thursday, June 08, 2006


    What ever happened to Marty? This guy looks kinda Parisian...maybe not.

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Joe Chiodo's How To Paint a Pin Up

    And who does this look like? hmmm. She plays raquetball really well like Joe. This is a post that is kinda like input from 3 TAG'ers

  • Here's the link to Joe's book!
  • New Tuesday Perspective Draw

    This is a re-do of the perspective drawing from last week. I've formalized that it is heavy industry with a large sub pen to the left and room for other areas to assemble things center and to the right. Again, this is for Privateer. I will be doing a pen and ink rendering of this along with marker, then will be putting it into Photoshop and seeing what a lightly colored render can do for it ... Stay tuned.

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Sketch for Sports Commentary Piece

    I'll be posting tomorrow, too, but here is a composition I'm working on that feeds both my sports and commentary sides: Barry Bonds' quest for Aaron's HR record. The finished sketch will probably have more "stuff" in it, but the basics are there. My goal is to render this in color, but with a goal that it will register just as well in black and white ...

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Random Doodles

    I'm going to start loading my Blog up with crap instead of this one. Skrrbl's story art has inspired me