Friday, June 16, 2006

Fillipi fun

see you at Fillipi's!


rickart said...

EXcellent! I'm getting very pumped!

Mr Goodson said...

Nice one Mike. Did you paint that to get that line or did you pencil it and run cut out as a filter. I really dig all the lost and found on the line

TopCat said...

I'm sad because through my own inattention to details and dates my wife booked our Scottish vacation to coincide with the Con... boo hoo. I may leg it down to Preview night on Wednesday, but I'll be on an airplane Thursday. Have fun, everyone. Maybe I'll get around to individual visits during pitch sessions later this year and in '07 ... :-)

Skribbl said...

Cool Podboy! You're going!

Topcat: Sorry to hear you won't be there! This is for you!

For me it's still up in the air. I put the vacation request through and it got slapped down because we're having a screening. BUT the execs will be a the Con on Thursday so the screening might get postponed or moved up. In any case I'm praying for them to move it so I can go!

Davis Chino said...


Skribbl, you can't go to the Fillippi's dinner?!

That's just not right. We'll have to work something out for you.