Monday, June 12, 2006

Back & Smacked

To "mark" my return to our happy little online community, I wanted to get some felt-tip fun going. I think the funniest element is in the names; "The Model Aryan" versus "Sweet Lad of Liberty."

Vote now for your favorite online.

The ear on Sweet Lad is crappy--I was trying to make it turn in, as though the force of the blow had flipped the outside edge forward, showing us the backside. I'll work on it.


Mr Goodson said...

Holy Libatore! Very nice. Glad you made it back. What 'd you pay for your scanner?

rickart said...

Yeah, I'd be up for some scanner advice myself... I have the crappiest of all... it's part of my printer!

Tom Moon said...

That's a marvelous drawing Marty, and a great title. Is this your concept for a comic book?

The ear just looks like a cauliflower ear, like an experienced fighter would have.

Batman's ears must look like hell by now. And surely he would be suffering from dementia after being knocked out so many times.

Dok said...

Holy Libatore indeed! Gorgeous color and not a thing wrong with the ear as far as i can see - I read it fine before seeing your comment. You could send a cast shadow racing away from it if you wanted I suppose. Cool names.

Davis Chino said...

Thanks fellas! This drawing was NOT scanned--it's on 18X24inch paper, just a big sheet of doodling, much too big for the scanner. I took a digital pic, which was OK for color, but much harder to get all the blank parts of the page to be straight white.

My last two scanners have been really good for color, I think--both Canon's; the first one, bought in Par-ee, was the fancy-ish MP780 (with printer, fax, etc.--and Euro plugs! They do have a US version), and the current one is an MP500, another combo, (on sale for $250? $200? Prints FAST); which I really like, and which has Bluetooth capability. This will allegedly allow me to print (and scan?) things wirelesssly, broadcasting the Bluetooth (TM) signal back and forth from my Mac to the Scanner/Printer. I just have to find (and buy) the $80 little Bluetooth (TM) module.

TOM, you are so right about Batman. When will we see the "BATMAN: PUNCHY OL' BASTARD" issue?

In fact, a punchy superhero is a damn good idea for a short comic. I love the two Daniel Clowes superhero tales, "Black Nylon" in the recent Caricature collection, and "The Death Ray" from his Eightball Oversized issue. These stories have seriously changed my life.

Which is still possible, even at my advanced age.

Tom Moon said...

I haven't read the "Black Nylon" story yet but I have that collection. I also loved that "Death Ray" story in Eightball. It's the kind of super-hero story I wish I had written.