Monday, June 19, 2006

This Guy Does a Drawing Every Day


  • Yongwoo, a friend at work, gave out this link to His friends Blog. I asked about his process, how he used the 90 minutes he allots himself to do the drawings. Apparently it's minutes for a very rough thumbnail and the rest of the time is doing the finished inking. Thought I'd try that myself. Sometime.

    How do you make something an active link?

    Edit: Hey Ellis! Fixed! Go back and edit your post and look at the code I added. Just copy that in a clipboard or something and just paste and change the http address...voila! --Jeff


    Tom Moon said...

    Great web site Ellis, very inspirational, thanks. The site also refers to your friend's friend's FRIEND'S web site where some nice background work can be found.

    And then... one of HIS friends, whose link appears on his page turns out to be... SAM LIU who worked here at Sony for a short time and who remarks on his page:

    "Man, it's been 4 years since i have updated this page! i havent drawn anything outside of work related things since then and been playing way too much Everquest!"

    Skribbl said...

    Very cool site! He can draw like a mo-fo! I fixed the link too!

    Mr Goodson said...

    Thanks skribbl. I'll keep that code handy. I thought there was a button I wasn't pushing.

    Tom, this web of artists on the blogosphere is really a treasure. I really like the pages that have a wealth of links so by bookmarking that page, you get a ton of good surfing.

    Tom Moon said...

    Hey Skribbl,
    Speaking of great links, I was looking at your Robotopia site and followed the link to the Gobelins school of animation.

    What wonderful stuff! And all by students. Everyone should check it out if you haven't already.

    Skribbl said...

    Thanks Tom! Spotty updates on my personal site but I like to share if it's cool!