Thursday, June 08, 2006


What ever happened to Marty? This guy looks kinda Parisian...maybe not.


Mr Goodson said...

He laso looks like his head's on backwards. But that adds to his appeal

Skribbl said...

Hey you're right! That backwards head definitely makes him French!

BTW I think Marty has gotten in his Citroen and is crossing the Atlantic as we speak. He said he will be at the Con and by Napoleon's "bone apart" he shall!

Krayonzilla said...

Looks like Ernest Thesiger (Dr. Pretorius) from the Bride of Frankenstein

Davis Chino said...

When I'm asked what I miss most, it's got to be the laffs.

Nice to be remembered, mes amis. I've just been so emotionally involved in this build-up to the World Cup, I haven't been able to get it together and get back online.

But with the TAG community's help, I think I can make it--by Napoleon's "bone apart!"