Sunday, June 25, 2006

Waiting in Line at Starbucks

Fill in your own caption. Even heroes need some caffeine from time to time. I tried to mimic Tom's style a bit, but I think my own style intrudes too much.


Tom Moon said...

Ha ha! You guys crack me up. Gotta save this one forever as well.

And personally I think the way you have combined our styles has resulted in something really cool.

Mr Goodson said...

Nice. The Mystery Men banality of it all. I'm thinking the bird may be important in this trinity of power

Skribbl said...

Fun! This is cool! I agree with you Rick. Your style is showing. hahaha

BTW did you know that Walt Simonson is drawing a comic again? I was at Meltdown last week and I saw it. But I forgot what the title was. I'll let you know when my brain works.

rickart said...

Cool! Maybe he'll be at the Con promoting it!

Now I gotta hit the comic store!

Davis Chino said...

Very funny! Your style works great on Tom's characters. Tom's right on saying the two of you combine well.

I feel like your hands are itching to take that bird and explode her into her own comic strip star. Which I think would be wonderful. If you can make a Praying Mantis appealing, Tom's tubby Dodo is a cinch.

(Not that you lack for your own great characters!)