Thursday, June 22, 2006

While Watching Lake Placid

I did the drawing with a gray marker and did my inking with a pigma brush. I scanned it in color and selected the grey color and filled it with white to get rid of it and then pushed contrast and brightness to get rid of the rest. Photoshop color after that. All done before Lake Placid was over.


Tom Moon said...

Ellis, I love it! I'm honored that you would use some part of my work in a drawing of your own.

I'm downloading this to my machine and saving it. Love the color and design of the piece, the poses.

Reminds me of a cross between two of my favorite artists, Jaime Hernandez and Mike Allred.

6:45 AM

Dok said...

Elegant use of that sky color - feels deceptively casual when it's really very masterful.

Skribbl said...

So I guess that you weren't really watching the movie then...

Good stuff! It's sort of a jam since you used Tom's characters.

Mr Goodson said...

I watched parts of the movie. It's got a great cast and very clever. I looked up enough to notice the great gore scenes weren't intact.

Tom, glad you liked it. I dug doing it because it got some rust off the inking skill. I dug doing the marker first, as messy as I liked, and then getting controlled when I was using ink. I'm going to buy a sharpy with a fine tip with something like non repro sky blue. if they make such an item.