Sunday, June 04, 2006

Story Art Number One

Sword and sorcery thumbnails.


rickart said...

Way cool... is this a personal project or what?

Mr Goodson said...

Hey Rick. Thanks. No, this is just the sort of thing I want to start doing with my evenings instead of watching TV. Whip out some story art, try to get better at quick idea notation, have some fun, get a body of work. I think I'll do a pirate adventure next.

rickart said...

That's great! I find the blog format to be pretty useful for putting up work on a (fairly) regular basis. I don't think every post is a gem, but I'm glad that I'm telling a story and I have an avenue to share it with others... of course so far I think Tom M. is the only guy reading it regularly, but I'm up to 55 strips, so I feel like I've got a pretty large body of work done already.

I'm also doing some story boards at the office... nothing I can share of course, but it's pretty fun. Our Media guys are putting the boards into animatics, so it's really cool to see the boards with narration and music!

I look forward to seeing more!