Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sharkman Source

Here is the Kirby Sharkman splashpage I lifted.

I don't want you guys to think I'm taking any credit from the King.

I'm trying to copy the inking style, and the archaic anatomy; but you can see my ink lines are a lot less parallel, and my lower leg, ankle and foot anatomy is actually an improvement over the original--though I like the original much more!

Having learned so much dry anatomy, I now find myself wowed by the simple charms of an impossibly twisted tibia. Unfortunately, I was too timid to maintain the hyper-stylized shape of the female's feet in my version. I would have preferred she look more like the Kirby, more bizzare and elfin....

(This splashpage image came from The Jack Kirby Collector--they were doing a survey of the Simon & Kirby 1940 {!} "Vision" run in Marvel Mystery--a comic book done for Timely Comics, apparently before the dawn of the Marvel Comics imprint.)



Mr Goodson said...

MiGod. That's great. So Kirby broke that foot. Great idea and something I'm always saying I'm going to do. Copy something I want to ingest. I did recently compying Hanna Barberra stuff to make myself stop and notice the appeal in those shapes. Great job on your study

Tom Moon said...

Thanks for posting that Marty. It's interesting to see how you've adapted the drawing.

Skribbl said...

Je vois Marty comment vous avez amélioré le schéma et j'aime votre version meilleure! Votre tracé est beaucoup plus commandé et directionnel. Kudos! Hélas il est mais une copie (quoique pour l'étude seulement)et je dois croiser votre joue avec mon gant en cuir quand je vous rencontre ensuite à la convention comique internationale de San Diego. Salutations.

Tom Moon said...

Thank goodness for Babelfish.

"I see Marty how you improved the diagram and I like your better version! Your layout is ordered much more and directional. Kudos! Alas it is but a copy (though for the study seulement)et I must cross your cheek with my leather glove when I then meet you with the international comic convention of San Diego. Greetings."

rickart said...

"I must cross your cheek with my leather glove when I then meet you"