Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cintiq sketch

I managed to liberate a 21ux from the cube of our former 2D design guy who left the company to go to a start-up. I won't get to keep it, most likely, but my boss said I could use it for a few weeks. I haven't sketched in forever. I've been up to my neck modeling weapons. It's nice to just go crazy with no rules. I have no idea what this is. Just some random, gnarly monster.

Oh, and the Cintiq rocks. I am trying to be jaded so I will resist the urge to plop down $2500 for digital paper, but I really like these things.

Edit: I took Mr. Goodson's critique to heart and made a few changes. I like it a lot more now.


Jeff said...

Cool! I like the swirlyness of it and it's a monster. Gargoyle???

I have a Cintique but am afraid to use it. Need to get on the Photoshop wagon. :-(

rickart said...

Great drawing! I love all of the flourishes!

Cintiques are pretty nice... you would take to it like a duck to water, Jeff

Mr Goodson said...

Nice Critter. Unique protuberent bottom teeth config. The Cintiq would be a nice toy but nothing I'm stepping off for anytime soon.
I dropped it into photoshop and turned the thumb into a forefinger. I think it turned the hand into a stronger gesture. You may feel free to try the same cut and paste experiment yourself.

Mr Goodson said...

Ha! I like the edit. I was just reacting to the only "speedbump" I think you had in an otherwise pleasing piece. I love photoshop. I especially love "liquify"