Sunday, August 19, 2007

LULU for NO cost Graphic Novels

Can there be anything more revolutionary than being able to publish books with vanity press size print runs and not having to spend a cent?

If you want your own copies of the book you pay about as much as any other customer. Buy 50 of your own graphic novels to sell at the CON for about a 13 percent profit.

Let Lulu and Amazon sell them and split any moneys made with LulU.

I talked this over with a guy at work. The picture I posted is from the top graphic novel of the site. Shawn Stiles huge sketchbook. S Curves.

The idea you no longer have minimum orders where you sell ten percent or less of a bunch of books and have the extras for the next 20 years. That's over. This is just a PDF file they keep on file and use for printing as orders come in.

Anyway, check it out. I'm excited about the idea myself.

My friend Yongwoo let me have this interesting data when we went to Stuart Ng's bookstore.. Check out his Blog by going to my Blog and clicking on ECHOFORM

Click below or click the headline to go to Lulu.



Mr Goodson said...

I'll add a couple of other thoughts. Think of this as a great way to put out that Childrens Book you always claim to want to write. Nothing stopping you now. If you can design the pages in photoshop, you can export them as a PDF, ready to be turned into a paperback, a hardcover, a saddle stitched comic book, etc. Or all of the options they offer. Very cheap if you chose black and white. That really gets my heart pounding.
Lets all do books and buy them from each other.

Tom Moon said...

I'm working on mine, even as I write this Ellis. I hope your book is going well. I'm excited too.

rickart said...

Isn't this what Dok used to put together his sketchbook that he sold to Bud Plant a couple of years ago?

Mr Goodson said...

Rick. I'm not sure. I guess I didn't understand the business model of it if that's the case. Just beware, there will soon be a TAG jam book you can order from Lulu. Pick one you'd like to color for the cover. Here's that link to all those Jams.

Jeff said...

Sounds good!! I've been working on a book idea and I might just do the Lulu thing!! Thanks for reminding me!

Tom Moon said...

Yes, this is what Dok used to publish his little book.

rickart said...

I seem to recall that Dok said that they ask for the page signatures in a very cumbersome format, but that he would use them again.

rickart said...

btw, I'd be happy to color a cover to a tag book... once my computer is hooked up in a few days.