Saturday, June 09, 2007

Powerful Fun

Surf's Up was a great story. Seeing Jeff's name, all by itself on the big screen. Wow. The story of a boy who loved surfing, took some courses and swam to the top of show biz. Very cool.

Blown away by so many aspects of the film it's hard to list them. I think the style of subtly, slightly jostled hand held camera made it very intimate. Loved the voice talents. Jack's line gets about the biggest laugh. My fave joke was the injured urchin.

Ok though. Mystery. You go to IMDB, SURFS UP, and do a search for Ranjo and you only come up with Smudge, young Jack Ranjo. Where is you Jeff?

Good review on AintItCool as well. This is the sort of flick the kids will wear out once it comes out on DVD.

The ending was feel good hall of fame.

Congrats Jeff.


Scotty Buncake said...

I agree with everything Ellis said... even though I haven't seen the movie yet.
Although keep in mind, when I visited Jeff once or twice at the studio I did make some additions and suggestions to him and his staff that inevitably ended up making it into the film. I told him, "Put some penguins in it" and "Make it about surfing" and voila, as expected, look what came out. Jeff's uncredited in IMDB because I'M the one that made this film. Originally his idea was to make the film a musical about a sentient pop-tart.
If you'll notice the name JEFF, it has two of the same letters you'll find in THIEF! And the other letters that are left over, J and another F, could very likely stand for F-ing Jerk!
I wasn't even invited to the cast party.

Mr Goodson said...

The Buncake story makes sense. Some times it takes a little larceny and credit grabbing to put a guy over in showbiz.

Jeff said...

Thanks Ellis for the great review.

Scott I think Sony was right in not giving you a film credit after the shennanigans you pulled. The hamster grew back all of his hair but the orangutan and mime weren't so fortunate.