Tuesday, June 12, 2007



Sunday evening I took a slew of family to see yr film. Our ages ranged from 11 to 77, and every single person was in agreement--they loved it! People in the theater even applauded spontaneously when the film ended--not biden by us, mind you, tho' we joined in. When your name came up on the screen we all cheered wildly. On the whole, it was quite a thrill--esp. seeing yr big name up on the big screen, all by its lonesome!

I hope you are whooping it up, basking in the glow. In my drawing you seem to be saying, "Let the accolades flow!" but I couldn't be sure--the words were a little slurred when you spoke them.

Everybody, git out there and check out the flick--it's good, it's honestly suitable for all ages, and it's not cloying. And the story cut together really well--that's our boy, the master of the boards at work!

I have been trying to convince my boss to let me take the whole department to see it, but he's balking. CHEAP BASTARDS.

Anyhow, mega-congrats. My apologies if the likeness is weak. I think every TAG member should commemorate Jeff's acheivement with a penguin-themed drawing.



Tom Moon said...

Congratulations Jeff! I have not seen the film yet but I'm eager to. My granddaughters want to see it so maybe I'll be able to take them this weekend.

I notice that you are credited with "Head of Story", as opposed to being one of the screenwriters, story people or visual effects supervisor. What exactly did you do as Head of Story? Is that a writing position or art position or...?

Tom Moon said...

Oh, and, great cartoon Marty!

Tom Moon said...

... and what are everybody's Comic-Con plans this year? I can't believe that it's coming up AGAIN so quickly! Another year gone by!

Surly Bird said...

I'd like to come down, but I'm not sure if it's gonna happen this year. I didn't even pre-register. I'd like to visit, though.

Mr Goodson said...

FUNNY! Very good likeness.

rickart said...

Nice one Marty! I'll post mine in a minute.

I'm still not sure about my con plans. I'll let you know, Tom, as soon as I have something firm, 'cause you know we want to take you up on your offer of a place to stay! ;)

Tom Moon said...

Just let us know, Rick!

Jeff said...

Thanks Marty!! You made me blush and feel squishy inside with your review. Grassy Ass!

Tom - I hope you like it when you check it out this weekend. So "Head of Story" is a two part job. The first is to be a liason between the directors and storyartists. I go to all of the meetings concerning story and help the directors with story structure, dialog and gags/business. Then after going to all of those meetings I then have to sit down a board sequences like a regular story artist. I ended up staying late on many occasions. I guess any management job is like that. Oh and you don't really get a "writing" credit unless you type up script pages. Even though script pages are created from our boards they don't count because writers or directors always take a pass and their name goes at the top of the script. :-(