Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2 day delivery on Sakura Gelly Roll White Ballpoint Pens

From Amazon it was 2 days.
They are pretty cool. Ball point. Flows well. Is nicely opaque.
 Goofed a ballpoint pen doodle into something I could effect with the Gelly Roll pen.
Couldn't stop. Had to give him luminescent circuitry tats.
 More of same. All my inktober output has included the gelly roll pen.
Thet can't be used over somethuing like cartoon color. That picks up.
The pen gets messed up also if you use it on saturated marker inks. Still wet.
Mainly a tool you'll use with marker, brush pen, inks.


JMG said...

I NEVER get those to flow properly and I know a few others who swear by them.

Davis Chino said...

...and fellas who swear at them, too?

Elz, this looks fantastic. I love what you did with that white-liner!

I am backdating my coming post so you can keep pride of place here.

Tom Moon said...

That's a really cool look Ellis. I might have to try them out.

MrGoodson2 said...

Pack of six for 14 bucks total with the shipping.
Little over 2 bucks apiece.
I'm going to do some more today with them. I like the big , zero planned, messes I make but I'll try planning- pre-sketching a bit more today

Jeff said...

Glad you liked them Ellis!! I wonder if the colored ones work well on black as well.

MrGoodson2 said...

Jeff. I saw your sketches with them. I could tell from that I wanted them. They're thirsty. The ink goes down a pretty big amount for each drawing. I have one down to half with 5 or 6 index card size drawings.

Rickart said...

Interesting. Very scratchboard-y.