Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SD Comic Fest 2014 Roundup

SD Fest continues to improve. I don't know what our dear friend Benjamin Franklin Montag IV is on about saying I didn't want to be in attendance...(wink of love). Missed all the absent T.A.G.'sters (Jimmy, Ellis, Ranjo, Tom Moon, Tom Carrol, Dok...I could go on...), but I had a great time.

Better crowd this year and more sales, so that was good. I missed Friday (oops), but the two days of Sat & Sun really were enough for me. Sold some books, got a bunch of people to sign up for the email list. Also managed to NOT piss off my neighbor to the right, the renowned Eric Shannower (for some reason I live in fear of provoking Eric's wrath). My neighbor (and tablemate) to the left was Scott Benefiel, who managed each day to remain away just long enough to make me think he either wasn't going to show up at all, or, barring that, would at least remain AWOL for the next fifteen minutes, so why don't I stretch my arms out a little from remaining ridiculously cramped on my half of the table and go ahead and spread out my pad and finish that drawing commission before he arrives--whoops, here he is!

Never failed.

Here's some of the funner sketches from the weekend, beginning with a very specific commission for a mermaid who's taken on a two-legged, human form and got a job as a high school principal where she one day reverts back to tail and flipper in front of a class...you get the picture. The guy brought some pix of the actress he wanted her to look like. Just to make it look fancy and forestall any complaints I added some felt-tipped tone. He was happy with the results.

The scene took place in an Australia high school, so I put in photos of Darwin and Capt. Cook.

Alan said his all-time favorite rock n' roller was Keith Emmerson, pianist of prog-rockers Emmerson, Lake & Palmer...he laughed hard at this one:

THe afrementioned Eric Shannower honored yrs truly by purchasing a copy of "FUME." When I asked if he'd like a portrait of himself with his favorite musician, he asked if I knew Victor Herbert...


He was an early 20th Century composer of operettas and Broadway musicals (you might know his Babes in Toyland). Eric gave me pic and I went to town...(the close-up is corrected--I really didn't do Eric justice in my late-afternoon sugar-crashed state):

Also a quickie for Joel, a super-nice comic book artist from Las Vegas--he had a table across from us...and the last one if for the man who commissioned the Mermaid!

 He doesn't look too happy about it, does he...?

Overall a nice time. Always great to see some of the San Diego notables like Beata (who did so much to make Artists Alley happen--thank you, dear lady), her bro Peter (and even their mom!), Johnny and Emily, Ben and his daughter, and Eddy Duran (sadly no Jim Busike or Tom Carroll).

My ears are still ringing from the din in that room, tho' word on the street is that portion of the Town & Country Hotel/Convention Center will be going under the wrecking ball in the new year...dunno where we'll be doing this come October 2015, but I hope the rest of the T.A.G. gang will be present!


MrGoodson2 said...

Great sketches. Especially that mermaid commission. I'll have to up my game at Oafcon this weekend. I need a better camera than my vado cam.
I'll see if I can get a chrage in the batteries for the good digital camera I own.

The write up is mush appreciated. I can visualize the scene. Benefiel, Shanower. If I was there , we'd have a quick session of frisbee golf afterward.

I hope Fume is being appreciated. It needs to be in the hands of Fantagraphics.

BDMontag said...

I meant to say I spoke to other artists, more than just Marty and Scott. Not that you did not want to be there.

JMG said...

Awesome stuff Marty. Town & Country Hotel/Convention Center has a bad word of mouth on Yelp etc. It's been in need of renovation for a long time. If they do. Expect rates to skyrocket. Funny to see Commissioner Mermaid, he' always good for $$$ I hear sorry I missed it.

Tom Moon said...

The mermaid drawing is great. He had a very specific scenario in mind. Sounds like he's writing a screenplay and needed a concept drawing to submit alongside the script.

Gordon is the guy who commissioned the mermaid full color drawing, plus he bought a book and got another mermaid sketch?

Davis Chino said...


Yes, Gordon both commissioned the big mermaid, and bought a FUME, which got him a bonus mer-perience.

Glad you guys like it! Ben, glad to hear you weren't getting a too-negative vibe from me (and Scott B.). We may have felt that way--but we tried to hide it!

Rickart said...

Looks like fun! Perhaps I need to do an southern CA visit next year to see Denise and SD friends around the same time as the Comicfest...

What's next for you Marty? ECCC? I still haven't started my Monsters and Dames drawing. No ideas yet. :(

Jeff said...

Sorry I couldn't be there Marty. The Big Hero 6 wrap party was Saturday night and you know I can't pass up free booze and dancing with MC! Maybe next year. We should have a new copy of our Disney collaboration anthology "When is High Moon?"

Rickart said...

You should sell your new book at ECCC Jeff!