Sunday, September 13, 2009

Draw The Looney Tunes

The (link) title is referring to my new favorite art instructional book. It's like the temple of the 7 golden camels condensed into the best, lucid art lessons ever put on paper.

I'd compare it to Elements of Style for brevity and focus. A great book.

The doodle is a caricature of a film director and one of a boxing promoter. Try to guess which is which. I think the boxing promoter was named Art if that helps.


Kali Fontecchio said...

The title was misleading- I thought you had posted some drawings of Looney Tunes!

Deane D said...

Is the guy in the lower right the boxing promoter?

MrGoodson2 said...

You win Deane. He looks togher and more likely to smoke a cigar doesn't he.

Deane D said...

Yeah, I could see him with a cigar.

The other guy looks like he should eating a breakfast burrito while insulting a customers choice of comic books.