Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emerald City Comic Con Report

So I went to the Emerald City Comic Con (in case you didn't know, Emerald City is one of Seattle's nicknames) at the Seattle Convention Center yesterday. It's a well run event, on a par with the SD con from about 15 years ago. It seemed more crowded this year. I ran into some of my TAG North friends as a few PopCap folks as well. It was cool and there was a lot to see... I had Tommy in tow and he was getting tired after a while, so I probably didn't get to see quite as much as I wanted to.

I have a bit of an observation to make: you know how at the SD con when you see a golden age artist sitting by himself with no fans coming to check him out? Well, it's starting to happen to guys like Len Wein and Michael Golden now. There were some large lines for some (I presume) newer artists who I'm not familiar with... I guess tastes are even more fleeting than they used to be.

I didn't buy much for myself, just a couple of comics that TAG guys had produced, but I picked up some 20 sided dice earrings for Denise who thought they were quite cool. I had to beg Kevin Hanna to let me pay for his hardbound graphic novel The Clockwork Girl (click the title of this post for a look), and he promptly did a quick sketch in it and wrote something about me being the "Godfather of the Seattle artist scene"... I'm still blushing.

I saw Scott Kurtz and he told me he still has some EQ drawings I did for him ages ago. He gave Tommy a Skull plush, which was very sweet of him. He's planning on moving to these parts in April, so I offered to give him a grand tour of PopCap after he settles in... and of course a seat at a table at the next TAG meeting.

All and all, it was a cool day.


MrGoodson2 said...

You mean if I move to Seatlle, I've got an in with the Godfather of the Seattle artist scene. I'm thinking about it now.

Sounds cool. I like the idea of ComicCon 15 years ago.

Ken Meyer was getting wistful about getting old and under appreciated. I told him it was karma. Because I distinctly remember being a bit of an ageist myself. Why would you want to around anyone that isn't "happening." if you think you're happening.

I'll click your link now. Thanks for the report.

MrGoodson2 said...

Wow. Your friend Kevin has a nice film being made from his graphic novel. I'll have to look that up. Thanks

Rickart said...

He's making that himself... he's something of a jack of many if not all trades. He's part of Mike Christian's XRay Kid group.

Actually, if anyone is the Godfather of the game art scene in town, it's Mike. He's about the best connected guy around.

MrGoodson2 said...

I hate blogspot comment window. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to leave a comment and gotten an error message that meant all my typing was history.

Basically, I'm thinking of moving, I'm preparing by selling and giving away books. About to help fill an industrial dumpster that comes to our complex once a year.

So this Mike Christian connection may come in handy once I've done the hard prep for moving. I also have to sell the place I'm in.

But right now I'm seeing myself in Austin, not Seattle.

Rickart said...

You should talk to Shoopack then... SOE has an office in Austin... They are working on DCU there.

Surly Bird said...

Was the 2010 Emerald City Con better than the one last year, Rick? I didn't make it this year.

Ellis, we'd love to have you up here, but Texas has a lot to offer, too. I keep hearing and reading about California residents and businesses relocating to the the Lone Star State for the more favorable tax and real-estate environment.

Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. If you make it up to Seattle, we've got a room waiting for you.

Rickart said...

Make that 2 rooms... Tommy loves sleepovers!

Rickart said...

Oh, and Ronnie, on the down side it seemed more crowded but on the up side the artist alley area was huge. It's a very artist friendly con.

MrGoodson2 said...

I added Nearsighted Comics to our links Rick.

Rickart said...

Thanks Ellis... I've been meaning to do a post here but it's been a super crazy week.