Saturday, March 06, 2010

Larson Cartoon

OK. I've cheated.
I've purposely cropped off the caption to the cartoon so you would experience it as I did. Since the cartoon had a word balloon, my mind didn't absorb the caption. I studied it. OOHHH, I studied it.
Click the headline to see it with the caption, plus 2 other Larson cartoons I scanned recently.
Bonus question. You've arrived at my Blog. See that grayish bar at the top of my MOLDBRAKER header? Anyone know what that might be called? I want to either make it black or delete it. I cannot sort the html out to find it. I've done a ton of edits that have not touched or altered it. It is mirrored at the bottom with another gray line just like the top one.

New Question. What's the gray box aorund comments called. I want it black too. Thanks for the help Dan! And Deane!


Deane D said...

Yeah, you definitely need to see the caption on that Larson cartoon for it to make sense.

As for the bonus question, Dan says:

Make the following changes:

#header-wrapper {
background: #476 url ("")...etc.

Change #476 to #000


#footer-wrap2 {
background: #447766 url("")... etc.

Change #447766 to #000000


That should change both bars to black.

MrGoodson2 said...

Dan, Deane. You are awesome. That changed it to black just like that. Now. The grey that backs my comments section below the graphics. What's that named? I'd like that to be black too.
Then I will satisfy myself to just change out the backing painting graphic every now and then.
I may us the template for another Blog. I've also started to play with the additional pages of the new Blogspot. I think wordpress has caused blogspot to step up and give
out some powerful new tools.

MrGoodson2 said...

Never mind. Found it!
.post-footer {
background: #000;
I wouldn't have found it without ypu and Dan's help though. You sensitized me on what to look for.

MrGoodson2 said...

Is Dan as CSS expert?

Rickart said...

Dan teaches computer science to High Schoolers, so he needs to be up on all this internets stuff.

Deane D said...

You got that right, Rick :)

Ellis, your blog looks very dramatic now with out those distracting bars.